Computer Receptor Implant

Computer Receptor Implant

The computer receptor implant will allow the user of the implant to be in contact with his computer at ranges up to 5 kilometers.  The user simply thinks his request to the computer. The computer will then send an answer to the user, where it will be heard as a thought in his brain. So long as the user stays within range, he will be in contact with his computer.

When a character buys a computer receptor implant, he is actually buying a special implant, an attachment to his computer, and a special transmission program. The implant is a micro-transmitter/ receiver with special connections that attach to the nerve cells of the user. This implant must be surgically attached to the character, just under the skin. This work can only be done at an advanced hospital, procedure takes a day and 1d5 weeks for the character to learn to interface with the implant. If a character has other implants spending a day is sufficient to learn to use the implant.

The computer attachment has a similar transmitter/receiver and transmission program that allows the two transmitter/receivers to talk to each other, and uses one function point. This program has no levels. The computer receptor implant costs 50,000 CR. Computer transmitter/receivers cost 2,000 CR per computer.

Computer Receptor Implant
Cost: 50,000 CR
Computer transmitter/receiver: 2,000 CR
Transmission program, 1 FP: 1,000 CR
Notes: Implants under the skin allowing thought-communication up to 5km between the character and computer.

Original Source: David Zeb Cook, For a Fistfull of Credits, Dragon #112 

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