This device can take one of two forms: portable or fixed. A fixed bio-scanner is mounted up high, and scans visually and compares against databases of known registered species. It searches for physical mutations, and works very well. It is powered by a Type I parabattery and can function for a year or more before needing its power source replaced. The accuracy of a fixed bioscanner is 80%. If any mutant character comes within 10 meters of this 360 degree sensing device, he has an 80% chance of being detected and Star Law notified. These devices are usually placed in corridors of office buildings and star ports on UP charter worlds.

A portable bio-scanner looks like a pair of large binoculars. They are often carried by Star Law M. E. agents. They are powered by standard SEU powerclips, draining 1 SEU per scan.

When peered through and activated, the portable bio-scanner will perform its scans. It will highlight potential mutants in the viewport with 75% accuracy.

(Gamma Dawn Expanded)