MR series Maintenance Robots

The MR series Maintenance Robots are a spacer's dream. They come standard with electromagnetic wheels and an anchor with a 100m cable for spaeship duty. As such, they are capable of assisting with the maintenance and upkeep of various ship systems and can be coordinated to assist in repair work as well.

LVL:1/2/3/4 STA:100 standard body w/quad magna-wheel chassis
ATT:0 IM:4/5/6/7 MVMT:60m/turn
varies; standard manipulative limb(s) and/or standard tool limb(s) (laser welder/lasoldering gun), 2 light duty retracting tool handler limbs (for tech/robcomkit retrieval)
Programs: Maintenance/Upkeep
Added Equipment: Electromagnetic Wheels, TechKit, RobComKit, anchor w/100m cable
Armament: n/a
Mission: varies
Functions: varies