Para-Military Freighters

Ranging in size from HS:3 to 20, these freight haulers are reinfoced and upgunned yet retain most of their stock freighter performance figures. When a PM Freighter is commissioned, it is usually done so under a government charter with the owner(s). There are typically established trade routes that the ship will heed to with steady cargo schedules, and while the owners are under this chartered route all operating costs are taken care of, and payments are made on the loan by the chartered government, but there is no profit being made off of any cargos at the same time. The owner(s) are given one forty day period of leave time for every forty day period that they work.
Hovever, on that free time the owner is responsible for all costs and is eligible to make any profits off of any cargos that are obtained. Naturally no illegal conduct is permitted during such time. PM Freighters are permitted (HS x 20) cubic meters of space for weapon systems and (HS x 12) cubic meters for defensive systems. Defensive and offensive allocated space is not interchangeable, any unused space is unused. Crew size is typically (HS x 2) members, hull points varie according to armor possibilities, although most usually go witht he light armor (HS x 6), DCR is calculated at (HS x 5)+30 , and cargo is reduced by one unit for freighters HS 4-8, -2 for freighters HS:9-14, and -3 for freighters HS:15+.
(source - House Rules WIKI)