New Model WarTech Gyrojets

WarTech GC-6 Gyrojet Carbine
Cost: 250Cr, Wgt: 3.5kg, Damage: 2d10, Ammo: 10 rounds, Rate: 3, Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/5/60/125/175
Description: Small, compact easy to use weapon. Designed for use by non-frontline troops. Or issued when size is a problem.
Notes: Uses Pistol Jetclips.

WarTech GAR-10 Gyrojet Assault Rifle
Cost: 400Cr, Wgt: 5.5kg, Damage: 3d10/8d10, Ammo: 20 rounds, Rate: 3(1), Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/5/75/150/300
Description: Standard gyrojet rifle with extended magazine, and burst fire capability.
Notes: Rifle Jetclips for the GAR-10 cost 40Cr, for 20 rounds.

WarTech HGR-9 Heavy Gyrojet Rifle
Cost: 800Cr, Wgt: 12kg, Damage: 10d10, Ammo: 5 rounds, Rate: 1, Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/5/60/125/200
Description: Heavy gyrojet rifle. Designed for light anti-vehicle, anti-material role.
Notes: HGR Jetclips cost 40Cr for 5 rounds.

WarTech GJMG-12 Gyrojet Machine Gun
Cost: 5000Cr, Wgt: 25, Damage: 15d10, Ammo: 5 bursts, Rate: 1, Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/5/75/150/300
Description: Designed for heavy fire suppresion and anti-vehicle work. This a heavy weapon typically is mounted on a tripod.
Notes: Ammo cassette of 5 bursts cost 100Cr.

WarTech PGR-2 Precision Marksman Gyrojet Rifle
Cost: 600Cr, Wgt: 5.5kg Damage: 3d10, Ammo: 5, Rate: 1, Defense: Inertia,
Range: -/70/200/500/1km
Decription: Extreme long range gyrojet. For precision sniper work.
Notes: 5 round Jetclip for PGR costs  40Cr.