Raupp Robotics RR41 "Fury"

Raupp Robotics RR41 "Fury"
Anti-Infantry, Light Artillery Support Combat Robot
Level: 3, Can converse verbally
Type: Combat Robot
Body Type: Heavy Duty
Parabattery: Type 2
Move Mode: 2 tracks
Move Rate: 120m
Limbs: 2, Mechanical Arms
IM/RS: +6/60
Stamina: 500
Attack: 60
Damage: By Weapon
Programs: Attack/Defense, Search and Destroy
Equipment: Chronocom, IR Goggles, Compass
Weapon Systems:
Machine Gun
Damage: 10d10, Ammo: 20 Bursts, -/70/200/500/1km
Grenade Mortar
Damage: Varies, Ammo: 8 grenade shells, -/200/500/1km/2km
Typical Grenade Load Out:
4, Fragmentation Grenades 8d10
2, Incendiary Grenades 4d10+1d10x3 turns
2, Smoke Grenades -10 to hit
Cost: 17,526Cr
Description: Anti-Infantry, Light Artillery Support combat robot. A tank shaped robot about the size of a volkswagon. It has a triangular style track assembly. It has a 360 degree rotating turret with the machine gun mounted in it. In the rear of the robots body, there is an upward facing ball turret. Containing the grenade mortar. The front hull contains retractable manipulator arms. To help facilitate loading, and manipulation of objects.