Laser Mic- UPF Military Grade

A laser mic can be a very useful tool in the markets of black budget intelligence agencies, star law observations, and even just your own little espionage and counter-espionage. Unlike most military grade gear this piece of equipment is legal and is availbale in most electronics stores of UPF and fringe worlds, which can be found at a cost of 5 credits to even 100 credit. It uses an infrared beam (ivisible to the naked eye unless someone uses infrared goggles or imaging to spot it) that is simply pointed at an object that can emit vibrations (such as sounds in the room or area that hit this objects) which are translated into words. But since it is based on picking up vibration from objects  a simple fan or even a person tapping the window or on the object can and will disrupt the laser mic's tap. In most cases a laser mic is pointed at an object most people wouldnt think could be used. Another draw back is electrical device also disrupt the laser mic's tap which makes it harder to use say a lamp as a surface of for the mic to pick up vibrations.  Their range is limited to over a five hundred feet, which you can be sitting in your hover car and be out of sit of the bad guys while tapping in on their conversation.