Standardized Ship Computer

> Astrogation, Drive, and Life Support as the KH rulebook states

> Alarm and Damage Control, LVL = # of drives as per KH rulebook

> Maintenance, like above LVL = # of drives

> Analysis, LVL = Astrogation program LVL (LVL:6 for Deluxe astrogation equipment)

> Industry, LVL:1 for machine shop and hydroponics, may also replace cargo arm program

The owner/builder may add in any other desired programs as needed, such as weapons and defensive systems, Commerce program for trade vessels, laboratory or other specialty software, security programs, etc.

Communication LVL:1 can be utilized to coordinate intercom networks on anything larger than HS:2. An Installation Security program can handle the Skin Sensors without buying the Skin Sensor software.