Aircar Altitude

Open Top Aircars (Utility to Basic)

Closed top aircar

These type of aircars have a max ceiling of 9,100 meters. This is due to the oxygen levels needed to sustain brain activity. At this height without oxygen a character will loose consciousness in less then one minute.

Refer to the table below :

10% decrease in oxygen
STA check + 20% or become unconsious
DEX/RS/INT/LOG cut by 10%
30% decrease in oxygen
STA check or become unconsious imediatley,
after 30 turns PC becomes unconsious automatically
DEX/RS/INT/LOG cut by 50%
5,401 -

Enclosed Aircar

Max ceiling is 20,000 meters.
These types of aircars may be sealed or pressurized. The wealthy and some military units have add-ons for limited sub-atmospheric flight.

Luxary Aircar

Sport Aircar

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Rum Rogue wrote:
Looking through a few Dragon articles this is what I could find:
Tanks Alot, it states that bombs can be mounted on pylons on an aircar.
Here Comes the Cavalry gives a brief description of an VTOL Fighter-Bomber as "An armored aircar with exterior weapon mounts this is designed for high-speed bombing runs. However, it is versatile enough to hold its own in a dogfight.
From Freighters to Flying Boats, under the description of Amphibious Aircar we see "... Its underside and wings have pontoons to keep the craft afloat."

There is still no type of altitude given, but it would seem to allude to the aircar being capable of actual flight.

In the adventure Mission to Alcazaar, pg 18 (remastered edition), an encounter with an aircar has the vehicle aproaching at 400kph with an altitude of 50 meters.

(Alpha Dawn Expanded: More information will be added later)