Bioware is technology made from living materials. Bioware can be worn, piloted, or invasively inserted into or attached to a host. Nanites are molecule-sized machines, but do not count as Bioware. The smallest bioware may be a RNA or DNA strand, or may be a protein or single cell. The largest Bioware may be a spaceship. Bioware effectively takes the place of the typical non-living materials used for most manner of devices. Bioware has different strengths and weaknesses from non-living materials. It is resistant to weathering and provides its own rechargeable energy source. Unfortunately, it is often susceptable to Mentalist and mutant powers, has a lifespan (dependant on the size and biology of the device), and must be fed in some way, usually liquid protein. Multicelled bioware cannot reproduce by any organic means, but must be grown in the appropriate facilities.


Biomimetics is the study and manipulation of organisms and organic byproducts to produce products that immitate, utilize, or reproduce the effects of the organism or byproduct.

This is most often acheived by producing a custom protein or RNA molecule to change the genetic properties of an organism to produce a byproduct in the quantity or distribution pattern desired. Sometimes two unrelated organisms may be genetically crossed in order for the resultant organism to produce a desired byproduct.

Millions of products in the Frontier are produced in this way and it is perfectly legal. However, the production of multi-celled organisms in this way is strictly regulated (See Mentalist and Genetics Laws in the Frontier section for more details).

Below are many products, both legal and illegal, that are used to good effect and can serve characters in their adventures.
(source - Gamma Dawn)