Spaceship Construction

I changed it radically from the system given in the Campaign Book into something similar to Traveller's High Guard ship construction rules, and the tables provided should be self-explanatory.

You start with a hull size with a given total volume and you add components to the hull, subtracting its volume from the total hull volume. There are no MHS restrictions.

Only major change in the list of SCCs given in the book is Clarion and Snowball are Class I SCCs; makes sense as it is the first colony in my SF universe, and Snowball's L4 and L5 stations were producing destroyer and capital-class warships for the Sathar before their liberation in SFKH4: The War Machine.

Structural Points: Because of the damage system I put in place, I use Structural Points instead of Hull Points for spacecraft, putting them on the same scale as for other vehicles and objects in the game.

Structural Points=Hull Sizex100.

Structural points can be reinforced(something which I intend to clarify in the table)with each 10% SP reinforcement costing 10% of the ship's total volume. 

Other than the Void engines(explained in a separate document), I have a couple of new systems which might need some explaining:

Magnetic Deflection Shielding(MS): Also called mag shielding, this projects a field of coherent magnetic force equally effective against beam and missile attacks. This replaces all other energy screens in the game.

Anti-Beam Missiles(ABM): A system similar to the interceptor missile launcher, an ABM launcher fires missiles which blanket a hex with ice crystals and metallic chaff, the latter serving to attenuate the power of proton, electron and disruptor beams as well as lasers.

ABMs completely replace masking screens in my SF game.


Seeker Missiles now refer to what used to be known as assault rockets. They have the space and damage of ARs but still follow the rules for seekers.

Missile Batteries fire guided missiles instead of unguided rockets.

Heavy Laser Cannon are heavier versions of the laser cannon, with a 200,000 klick range, 80d10 damage(4d10 HP damage), a 30,000 Cr pricetag and a 80 cubic meter space requirement.

Heavy Laser Batteries are octet-mounted heavy lasers(from the AD rules). They inflict 60d10 damage(3d10 HP damage), cost 30,000 Cr, have an 18,000 kilometer range and require 75 cubic meters of space.

Ordinance and deployables are either carried on external hardpoints(Hull Sizes 1-6)or in internal bays(Hull Sizes 7-20). 

(Will - House Rules WIKI)

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