Medical Supplies

Antibody Plus. For Diseases

Antitox. For Poisons

Neutrad. For Radiation

Omnimycin. For Infections

Sporekill. For Infestations

Stimdose. One dose of stimdose can wake up an unconscious or stunned character, or restore 10 Stamina points to a character who was poisoned, infected, diseased, or exposed to infestation. If more than one dose is given in a 20-hour period, that extra dose has no effect.

Staydose. One dose of staydose places an individual in a state of arrested animation. A character whose Stamina has been reduced below 0, but not below -30, will maintain minimal vital signs if injected within one minute (10 turns) after death. The staydose slows a character's heartbeat and breathing so he can survive with no Stamina points. If the character's Stamina is brought back above 0 within 20 hours, by medical treatment or natural healing, he will live. If not, the character dies. Once the 20th hour is up the first hour of death starts. If the body can be attached to a body-jump box in time it might possibly be resurrected. Only one does of staydose can be given to a character until his Stamina is raised above 0.

Telol. A truth drug that works only 80% of the time. If successful, the injected character honestly answers up to five simple questions. An injected character passes out for 1d10 hours, whether the drug works or not.

Freeze Field. A freeze field is a device that places a body in stasis and preserves it until it can be revived in a place where proper medical care can be administered. It is the last hope of many a dead character. Only a character with this skill can operate it correctly. A freeze field must be activated within two minutes (20 turns) after death, or the body cannot be revived. Activating the field takes five turns. The process can be interrupted, as long as the field is completely activated within the two minute time limit. If the character does not pass his skill check and there is at least one minute left in the time limit, he has two options: he can make a second attempt to activate the field, of he can inject the body with staydose. If the second attempt to activate the field fails, the body can only be revived through a body-jump box.

Body-Jump Box. A body-jump box comes in many forms, from huge cambers in city hospitals to the small portable units that are carried into the field. A body-jump box is wired to various nerve points of the victim's body and head. When activated, beta particles are forced through the body. If the skill check is made, the "resurrects," though it may have been dead for up to 10 hours. If the skill check is missed, the body could not stand the beta ray bombardment and is completely destroyed.
(source- Star Frontiers: 25th Anniversary Edition)