Portable Matter Transport Device


This device is very complex and the science behind it is also complex. Those who understand it and how it is able to happen are all in the labs re-designing and refining this idea. Now those who don’t have the big university degree and have plenty of bad guys on their six can easily use this device to jump from one building to the next or one area to a block down the street. The portable matter transporters is a vest that hooks into a DMEU pack (4 DMEU: 400 SEU) and a plotting computer. Jumps require the use of a special energy pack known as a DMEU. This is the Dark-Matter-Energy-Unit which is one-hundred times more than that of a SEU (1 DMEU: 100 SEU), but the downside to such power is that it is unstable and can overload if used too much. Due to the refining of this piece of equipment very few are able to afford this because it runs in the ball park of 500,000 credits for the device, computer, and one-hundred DMEU (worth about four jumps). Using the device you must roll the same as or below ¼ of Dexterity + ¼ Logic (added together and modifiers are added or subtracted). Due to having to power up and plot (Logic part of this device) the jump you also only have a few second window (this is where the Dexterity part comes on) before the jump horizon closes and your DMEU is drained. The max you can jump is one mile which costs two DMEU. Total estimated time depends on the distance which is dealt with the table below:

20ft -400ft   (1-5seconds)+20
401ft-800ft  (6-10seconds)+10
801ft-1200ft (7-15 seconds)+0
1201ft-2500ft  (16-20seconds)-10
2501ft-4500ft+ (21-30+seconds)-20

*Note: The computer on the transporter works live a grid which is 1mile x 1mile x 1mile. A perfect cube in which the user can calculate a jump to a certain spot in the cube, if the user has this computer upgraded it will also include the ever changing elements in the terrain and also plots possible points shaving anywhere from 1d10 seconds to 1d10 + 2 seconds.

**Skills are not required to use this device because it really is just point and click. If you feel that it will require some kind of skill it will most likely be under “Matter Transfer” skill from Zeb’s Guide.