If a starting character chose a skill that requires a toolkit, the character gets the toolkit automatically along with the skill. Characters who learn skills by spending experience points for them must buy their own toolkits. None of the Military skills require toolkits.

Technological Toolkits

All characters with Technological skills need a toolkit to make repairs.

Techkit. The technician's toolkit contains all of the tools needed to make field repairs on vehicles and other equipment. Because plasteel is used to make so many items that formerly were made of steel or iron, the kit weighs only 20 kg and can be carried in a backpack. A techkit contains:

Socket wrench--adjustable from 5 mm to 5 cm
Open end wrench--adjustable as socket wrench
Insulated wire--10 meters
Uninsulated wire--25 meters, can support 2,000 kg
Prybar--1 meter plasteel rod, collapses to 10 cm
Jack--5,000 kg capacity, .5 meter lift, collapses to 200 cm cube
Hammer--large ballpeen high-impact head
lon Bonding Tape--10 cm wide x 5 m long, bonds directly to any metal
Plastibond--tube of plastic filler, bonds to any plastic surface in one minute; five applications
500 nuts, bolts, clamps, screws and nails
10 hoses of assorted sizes
Electrosnips--powered metal-cutting shears (sheet metal only)
Magnegrips--electromagnetic vicegrips
Spray lubricant--10 applications of pressurized synthoil
Spray waterproofing--will insulate circuits, cloth, etc., from moisture; five applications

Robcomkit. The robcomkit is another highly specialized assortment of tools. It weighs only 15 kg and, like the techkit, is designed to be carried in a backpack. A robcomkit contains:

Electrodriver, ion bonding tape, insulated wire, spray lubricant, electrosnips, spray waterproofing--all the same as those in the techkit.
Lasoldering iron--pen-sized laser soldering iron
Solder--1-meter roll of conductive soft metal
Magnetic by-pass clips--10 small connectors used to short-circuit wiring
Breadboard circuits--5 standard boards for mounting robot circuitry
Demagnetizer--electrical tool to demagnetize fouled circuits Spray cleaner--spray solvent to remove dirt from the robot's works; 1 0 applications
Miniature flashlight--20 hours of light; magnetized handle
Calipers--capable of taking measurements as small as .001 mm
Needlenose pliers--similar to 2()th century tool
Sonic Scalpel--tool for cutting plastic, metal or flesh; makes a smooth, bloodless incision up to 5 mm deep
Components--box of transistors, diodes and computer chips for robot circuits
Oscilloscope--miniaturized viewer which displays information on electrical flow and other aspects of circuitry

Biosocial Toolkits

A medic needs a medkit and an environmentalist requires an envirokit to be most effective.

Medkit. A medkit has specialized equipment the medic needs to perform his or her job. It weighs 10 kg and can be carried as a backpack. The medkit contains:

Local Anesthetic--10 hypo doses to relieve pain
Plastiflesh--5 cans of spray which closes up wounds and heals burns
Omnimycin--10 hypo doses to control infections
Acid neutralizer--1 bottle of liquid to neutralize acids
Antiseptic--5 cans of spray to clean and disinfect a skin area
Microforceps--adjustable, used to remove shrapnel and bullet fragments from wounds
Medscanner--an electrical instrument used to diagnose ailments
Spray hypo--syringe used to give shots without a needle
Biocort--20 hypo doses to stimulate very fast healing
Telol--10 hypo doses of truth serum
Stimdose--10 hypo doses to revive unconscious individuals
Staydose--10 hypo doses to sustain a dying character for 20 hours
Sonic scalpel--same as in robcomkit
Laser scalpel--used to make deep incisions
Electrosurgeon--a small machine that keeps wounds open and controls bleeding during surgery.
Autosurgeon--a special device that allows a medic to operate on himself
Antibody plus--10 hypo doses that increase the body's ability to recover from diseases
Antitox--10 hypo doses to neutralize poisons

Envirokit. An envirokit contains only three items, but they are very sophisticated pieces of equipment. The entire kit weighs 5 kg, and can be fastened to a belt or placed in a backpack. The envirokit contains:

Bioscanner--This device consists of a network of straps and electrodes connected to a readout gauge. When attached to a plant or animal, living or dead, it can determine what type organism is being examined and whether it is edible or poisonous.

Vaporscanner--A vaporscanner is a small device that contains sensitive gas analyzers. It will report on a digital screen what gaseous elements are present, their quantities and whether breathing them is dangerous.

Geoscanner--The geoscanner can break down up to a first-sized sample of rock or soil and analyze it. It will report what minerals the sample contains and whether there are likely to be valuable ore, gas or oil deposits nearby.

The tools included in the various toolkits from the STAR FRONTIERS Expanded Game rule book will all prove useful in spaceships. Some additional, specialized tools that are design ed specifically for use in space are listed below.

Engineer's Toolkit

Engineers routinely carry a Techkit. In addition to the items in the techkit, however, the engineer will have three specialized tools.

WELLASER: Laser welder which can repair punctures and tears in sheet metal.

PLASTISEAL: Package of compressed plastic which, when activated, expands to a 2 meter x 2 meter sheet of airtight plastic, used for sealing holes in ships. Several sheets of plastiseal can be used together to patch a very large hole.

INSSUIT: Insulated suit to protect engineers while working on atomic engines. Also worn by fighter pilots to protect them from the nearby atomic drive.

Laser Powertorch

The Laser Powertorch (LPT) is designed to cut holes through the heavy metal hatches and hulls of enemy ships so troops can board. An LPT will cut a slash 1 meter long in a ship's hull in one turn; a hole 1 meter square could be made in four turns.

An LPT is powered by a special power backpack that holds 300 SEU. This backpack is so heavy it can be used only in a weight less environment. The torch uses 30 SEU per turn. When not cutting metal, an LPT can be used as a laser rifle which causes 20d10 of damage with a successful hit. There is no variable power setting.

A character using an LPT as a weapon can use his Beam Weapon skill as a modifier. Because the LPT is not designed to be a weapon, however, the character can add only +5 per skill level to his chance to chance to hit, instead of the normal +10.

An LPT is designed for coning a surface that is close to the tool, so it is not very effective as a long range weapon. The ranges for the LPT as a laser rifle are:

PB= 0-10; S= 11-20; M= 21-40; L= 41-60; E= 61-100.
 (source- Star Frontiers: 25th Anniversary Edition)