Standard Equipment

Allweather Blanket. This 3m x 3m blanket has a layer of soft pseudowool on one side, and a layer of smooth waterproof plastic on the other. The blanket will keep a character warm in temperatures down to 0° (freezing temperature). The blanket can be used to carry water. If the blanket is used to line a pit in the desert, it will collect 1 liter of dew overnight.

Anti-Shock Implant. This is a small device that can be implanted in the back of a character's neck, making the character immune to stun attacks. A-S implants must be installed at a hospital.

Chronocom. Chronocom is short for chronograph/communicator. A chronocom is a combination wristwatch, calculator and communicator. It has a range of 5 kilometers.

Compass. A compass is used to find direction. A compass can be deceived so it points away from magnetic north by the presence of nearby magnetic rocks, electrical generators or other powerful magnets or large metal deposits.

Everflame. An everflame is a permanent, waterproof, windproof lighter guaranteed to last 20 years.

Exoskeleton. An exoskeleton is a mechanical, metal frame that is worn on the outside of a character's body. It follows the body's movements and increases the strength of its wearer. Each joint has its own miniature motor. An exoskeleton must be specially fitted to the character that will wear it, and can not be worn by anyone else. Getting into or out of an exoskeleton takes 1d10+10 minutes. A character in an exoskeleton can move twice as fast as normal, can jump 5 meters straight up (in 1g), gains a bonus of +20 to hit in melee and does +10 points of damage in melee. An exoskeleton provides no protection to the wearer. It can be worn along with a powerscreen and defensive suit.

Flashlight. The flashlight is about the size of a pencil. It contains enough power to operate for 200 hours. Its beam will shine up to 100 meters.

Freeze Field. Each freeze field device contains 20 SEU. The field uses 1 SEU every 10 hours. Another power source can be attached if the power runs low, but if it ever runs out the body can not be revived. A character loses one point from one of his ability scores for each full 10 hours he spends in a freeze field. The player can subtract these points from any ability or abilities he chooses. A freeze field device can be reused, but it must be recharged and re-tuned at a hospital or shop, at a cost of 100 Cr.

Gas Mask. A gas mask fits over the wearer's face and filters out all hazardous gases as the character breathes. It will not allow a person to breathe underwater or in a vacuum, or anywhere there is not enough oxygen to keep a character alive.

Holoflare. A holoflare is a small, solid, ball-shaped device. When lit, the flare rockets about 200 meters into the air and hovers there for 10 minutes. The flare will illuminate an area 1 km across with a dim light. Infra-Red Goggles. Infra-red (IR) goggles allow a character to see heat images in total darkness. They can be used to spot characters that are hidden in light foliage or darkness, or that are using a holo belt.

Infra-Red Jammer. An IR jammer hides the wearer from infra-red sensors, including IR goggles.

Life Jacket. A life jacket is an inflatable vest that will keep a character afloat for any length of time. It comes folded into a package about the size of a person's fist.

Magnigoggles. Magnigoggles are goggles that magnify visual images the same way binoculars do. They triple the distance at which a character can identify a man-sized object. They do not work like telescopic sights, and a character wearing magnigoggles can not aim a weapon.

Machete. A machete is a short sword used for chopping throuah soft jungle growth or grass.

Parawing. A parawing is a disposable glider used as an emergency parachute A character can jump with a parawing from any altitude. The wing is opened automatically by small solid-fuel jets, and the frame glues itself open. The character then floats to the ground. The wing can not be refolded to be used again.

Poly-vox. A poly-vox is a specialized computer that can be worn around the throat. It translates a message that it hears in one language into another language, and then repeats it. It can learn an unknown language if it can be programmed with key phrases, and then exposed to the language for 1-100 hours (see Language). A character does not need computer skill to use a poly-vox.

Radiophone. A radiophone is a short-wave communicator with a 1,000 km range.

Rope. This is a 25-meter coil of braided plastic rope that will support up to 500 kg.

Solvaway. Solvaway is the only solvent that will immediately dissolve tangler grenade threads. It must be applied by someone other than the person who is tangled in the threads. One vial of solvaway contains enough liquid to dissolve the threads from one tangler grenade. It will not dissolve anything but tangler grenade threads.

Subspace Radio. A subspace radio is used for sending messages between distant planets and star systems. Subspace communicators send coded tachyon beams that must be broadcast from very carefully aimed dish antennas to hit their target planet or system. A subspace message crosses one light-year in one hour. The radio uses a type 1 parabattery. Sending a message uses 100 SEU.

Sungoggles. Sungoggles are high-quality sunglasses.

Survival Rations. A box of survival rations contains four airtight foil-wrapped packets. Each packet holds a food concentrate that looks like crumbly dust. When water is added, the dust quickly becomes a delicious meal of protein and vitamin-packed mush. One packet will feed one character for one day.

Tornadium D-19. Tornadium D-19 ("kaboomite") is the standard plastic explosive. It can be bought legally only by someone with Demolitions skill. A 50-gram charge of TD-19 will cause 5d10 points of damage to anyone and anything within 1 meter of the explosion. Each additional 50 grams causes an additional 25 points of damage. Anyone farther from the explosion than 1 meter, but within the blast radius, takes one-half damage. The blast radius is 1 meter for every 100 grams of TD-19 used. A thrown charge does full damage to living creatures, but only one-half damage to structures.

Toxyrad Gauge. A Toxy-rad gauge is a special device that is worn on the wrist like a watch. It will alert the wearer to several types of danger. There are three colored lights on the device. If the red light flashes, it indicates that the oxygen content of the surrounding air is dropping to a dangerously low level. If the blue light flashes, it indicates that there is dangerous radioactivity nearby. If the yellow light flashes, it means that the sensor has encountered some substance that is poisonous to Humans, Dralasites, Yazirians or Vrusk. A small dial on the face of the gauge indicates the degree of danger to a character.

Variable Timer/Detonator. Variable timers are used to detonate Tornadium D-19. A timer can be set for 1 to 60 seconds, 1 to 60 minutes or 1 to 60 hours.

Vitasalt Pills. Vitasalt pills are special pills containing vitamins and minerals, including salt. They help reduce a character's need for water in dry areas.

Water Pack. A water pack contains eight one-liter plastic bags of water. Each bag has a reclosable seal. The water bags come packed in a lightweight plastic frame. The frame can be converted into a simple backpack in 5 minutes.

Parabatteries. Power sources for vehicles, computers and robots. They vary in size from a few hundred cubic centimeters to one cubic meter. The cost to recharge a parabattery is equal to the amount of the SEUs being recharged.

Power Generators. Much larger than parabatteries. A power generator produces a certain number of SEU every hour it operates. However, there is a maintenance cost to run the generator, and it needs an outside force of some kind: solar, nuclear, hydrodynamic, thermal, etc.
 (source- Star Frontiers: 25th Anniversary Edition)