A Twinsuit is a special combat uniform,
made exclusively for the crew of the
SilverTwin modules. They are fitted to
the team members, with no chance of
them being usable any other being. The
methods of creating Twinsuits are kept
completely secret. Each has a lock keyed
to the brainwave patterns of its host,
which cannot be duplicated, permitting
only the person for which the suit was
fitted to use it.
Twinsuit equipment:
* Exoskeleton frame: normal operation
(p. 48, Expanded Rules)
* Anti-shock implant: on the team member,
not a part of the suit
* Built-in albedo and inertia armor: This
very special armor is a unique weave of
albedo and inertia fibers into a tight
mesh suit. The specifications of this
weave are kept highly secret.
* Built-in holo screen: standard model
* Gemini helmet: A specially designed
helmet, with the following additions:
chronocom, magnigoggles, a small infrared
jammer, and a vocal print distorter
(VPD). The VPD will alter the wearer?s
voice beyond all possible chances for
identification by voice print.
* Laser/stunner: This pistol is a normal
laser pistol with a sonic stunner
attached. It takes one combat round to
change the setting from laser to stunner
or back. The stun setting will drain 2
SEU per shot.
* Sonic sword: normal in all respects.
* Four power beltpacks: normal in all
* Gas mask: normal in all respects, and
fastened to the front of the Twinsuit.

(source- Star Law Campaign)