EWC System

EWC - Eye Weapon Coordination for vehicle target system 
This system coordinates the gunner’s eyes and weapon systems in such a way that they move in tandem increasing the chance to hit by 30%. As the system follows the gunner’s eye movement, the weapon is brought to bear along the wearer’s line of sight. When the weapons are aimed at the target, the gunner has only to push a button, flip a switch, or pull a trigger to fire any combination of weapons. 

The required helmet can be switched from infrared to normal vision. In addition the helmet is linked to a set of infrared and video cameras on the outside of the vehicle that project images onto the inside of the helmet visor or on a display screen. Each weapon must have a EWC link even if their in the same turret.

EWC System +30% to hit 850 Cr
EWC Link Purchased per weapon 50 Cr
EWC Helmet Required per gunner 200 Cr