The following equipment is available to characters in the STAR FRONTIERS basic game. At the start of a game, all characters have a Standard Equipment Pack and 10 Credits.

Standard Equipment Pack

The standard equipment pack contains many useful items, but does not include any weapons other than a single doze grenade. Items included in the standard equipment pack are explained below:

Chronograph/Communicator. This device looks like a large wristwatch, but it can do many things. It is a watch with a lighted face that can be used as a stopwatch; it is a mini-calculator; it is a radio/video communicator that can be used to talk with other characters up to 5 kilometers away. It can be used to summon the police or a rental skimmer, as well.

Coveralls. This is a highly durable, waterproof suit. It will keep the character warm in cool weather and cool in hot weather. It has large pockets on the hips, legs and chest, as well as several smaller pockets on the sleeves.

Doze Grenade. This is the only weapon in the standard equipment pack. See Damage: Doze Grenades for more information.

First Aid Pak. This kit contains a spray bandage, an antiseptic spray and a spray hypodermic. The spray hypo does not use a needle, a nd is painless. It contains one dose of each of these two survival drugs:

STIMDOSE: A Stimdose injection gives a character 10 extra Stamina points for three hours. After three hours, the character loses the 10 Stamina points and must rest without moving for 24 hours. A Stimdose injection will not raise a character's current number of Stamina points above his original Stamina score. A Stimdose will not revive a character whose Stamina has been reduced to 0 or less. It wail revive a character who was knocked unconscious by a doze grenade, but will not restore 10 Stamina points to the character.

STAYDOSE: Staydose puts a character to sleep for 24 hours, slows down his heartbeat and breathing, and helps stop bleeding. If a character's Stamina has been reduced to O or less, a Staydose injection must be given in 10 turns and will keep the character alive until he is taken to a hospital.

ID Card. All characters carry an ID card. An ID card can be used only by its owner, because the computers which read ID cards also scan the character's thumbprint.

ID cards are commonly used as credit cards. When a character buys something, his ID card must be inserted into a computer. He places his thumb (or paw, or digit, or pseudopod) on a screen so the character can verify his identity, and then the money is deducted automatically from the character's bank account. This same process is used to pay for monorail rides and rented skimmers. Money can be deposited into an account without the card, but the card is needed to get money out.

Pocket Tool. This device is similar to a pocket knife, but it includes many small tools besides a pen-knife blade; a universal screwdriver, a small adjustable wrench, vice pliers, a hole puncher, an electromagnet, and a small flashlight that will shine up to 25 meters.

Survival Rations. This small package contains enough concentrated food and water purification tablets for one person for five days.


Weapons usually are assigned to characters at the start of a mission by their employers, based on what sort of mission they are undertaking.

Doze Grenades are explained under Damage: Doze Grenades.

Gyrojet Pistols fire bullets that are actually small rockets. They do not have a Point Blank range because the bullet needs some distance to accelerate to an effective speed. Gyrojet pistol clips hold only 10 rounds because the bullets are large.

Laser Pistols fire a pencil-thin beam of intense energy in a burst that lasts only a fraction of a second. Each powerpack contains enough energy for 20 shots. Laser pistols are the most common sidearm on the frontier worlds, and are often called "blasters." They have longer range than any other pistols, but do less damage.

Laser Rifles are like laser pistols, but they have longer ranges. They use the same clip as laser pistols, but they get only 10 shots per clip. The difference is laser rifles are harder to hide than a pistol.

(Star Frontiers Basic Rules Revised)