Quantum Network Drive

This is an alternative to those slower FTLs or Void Engines. But the drive can only support ships under a certain mass. Which means you can have all of that heavy equipment (like backup FTL drives or lots of fuel). With less mass than regular star ships these QND equipped ships are able to travel faster and convert into data into the Quantum Network in which it is translated into. Before the crew is translated into data (which is put into a quantum computer and into the local quantum network) they must enter their exit ip (where they are going to end up at the end of the jump). Translation time (ship into data and data into a ship) takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours. The QND can go up to 10 light years before it comes to a flaw known as LIT (Lost In Translation) which is where the data that represents the ship is lost forever in space. Energy needed to compute the quantum computers or even the ports that network the computers requires massive amounts of energy. This energy is equivalent to the amount of energy consumed on two 8 ly trips with a regular FTL. So in order to power the computers, ports, and the QND aboard the ship worlds have to harvest the mixture of regular hydrogen fuel and dark matter which are both dangerous as fuel sources, but are stable and produce a lot power to power these pieces of equipment. Since this drive is still currently being used as a prototype it will cost a captain, company, or even government group over a billion credits to get the drive installed and fitted to the ship. The dark matter / hydrogen mix costs about three times as much as regular fuel for FTLs. For locations that are a distance longer than 10 ly there is what they call a hub. It takes in the information re-translates the data in milla-seconds and sends them on their way (prevents data). These are placed sometimes in between worlds in which makes it possible for crews to stop there and get a break before continuing. Shops, cafes, and other places of interest setup here to make money from the crews of the ships that came in through the hubs. When the ship has been re-translated fully then it will require the full time to re-translate the ship into data again before continuing on.