Weapons (Knight Hawks)

Pod Laser (PL)
A Pod Laser is a down-scaled laser cannon for smaller craft such as star fighters. Simply put, the design incorporated removing the guns from a laser battery and down-sizing them to fit in the fuselage of fighter craft. The PL hs a range of 50K kilometers, MHS:1, costs 6,000Cr and takes up 20 cubic meters of space. Treat as a laser cannon for hit resolution and damage is 1d10 with no damage table modifiers. A longer range version (90,000km range) is availabe at 8,000Cr and takes up 25cubic meters, designated PL(LR). Both systems use the same program that a standard laser cannon uses.

Pod Laser Turret (PLT)

With a MHS:3 requirement for a laser battery, it became apparent that both smaller craft as well as larger craft that can't accomodate a LB due to other restrictions could benefit from a 360 degree field of fire weapon. Hence, following in the successful footsteps of the Pod Laser, the Pod Laser Turret came to be. The PLT has a range of 40K kilometers, MHS:1, costs 8,000Cr and requires 20cubic meters of space. Treat as a laser battery to hit with no damage table modifiers and damage is 1d10. The PLT uses the standard Laser Battery program.

Heavy Laser Cannon (HLC)
Similar to a standard laser cannon but packs a little more punch. Range is 120,000km, MHS=6, damage is (2d10 +4), cost is 20K credits and requires 50cubic meters. No damage table modifiers, and the standard Laser Cannon computer program is required.

Heavy Laser Battery (HLB)
Similar to a standard laser battery but like the Heavy Cannon, it too packs a little more oomph. Range is 100,000km, MHS=5, damage is (1d10 +2), cost is 12,000Cr and the HLB requires 30cubic meters. No damage table modifiers and the standard Laser Battery program is needed for operation.

Ion Cannon (IC)
The Ion Cannon is essentially a small scale Disruptor Cannon, but instead of causing damage it is designed to disable various starship systems. Upon succesful hits, roll (3d6 -2) to generate random numbers between 1 and 16, and consult the Damage Table. Assign everything between "hull hit: normal damage" and "electrical fire" a number (1-16), any system hit by an Ion Cannon is disabled for (2d10 +5) combat turns. Range is 60,000km, MHS=1, cost is 15,000Cr and 20 cubic meters of space is allocated for an Ion Cannon. Uses the Laser Cannon program.

Ion Battery (IB)

Same as an Ion Cannon but with a 360 degree field of fire. Range is 50,000km, MHS=2, cost is 18,000Cr and 20 cubic meters of sapce is required for an IB. Uses the Laser Battery computer program.

Forward Firing Rockets (FFR)
Essentially the launchers from a rocket battery positioned in a forward firing stance. All RB modifiers apply (MPO weapon, range, DTM, damage), a variant of the Assault Rocket program is used to operate the system. MHS:1, cost = 20,000Cr, and requires 20 cubic meters of space.

Striker Missile (SM)

A Striker Missile rack holds two missiles, each rack requires 5 cubic meters. The rack costs 1000Cr and individual missiles cost 5000Cr each. Missiles have a range of 60,000km with a -10 damage table modifier and inflict 1d10+2 damage. MHS:1 and MR:4 or better required, and a LVL:1/fp:4 computer program is needed to operate the system. MPO/LTD weapon

Heavy Bomb/Rocket (HBR)

These nasty propelled bombs can do some serious damage, especially when considering they can be launched from small craft. The launcher costs 10,000Cr and individual bomb-rockets cost 20,000Cr. Launchers require 10 cubic meters and the range for the bomb-rocket is 30,000km, damage is 3d10 with a -20 modifier. MHS:2 with MPO and LTD restrictions. A LVL:1/fp:3 program is required to operate the system

Warhead Launcher Turret (WT)

A Warhead Launcher allows the use of Striker Missiles, Assault Rockets, and Heavy Bomb-Rockets on larger ships. Essentially it is a turret weapon sporting the respective launchers. The allocated space for a warhead launcher turret is 20 cubic meters (plus the 20cubic meters of space from the weapon systems for a total of 40) and cost is 20,000Cr plus the weapon systems. MHS:5 with LTD/MPO restrictions, and a LVL:2/fp:8 program is required which will operate any of the three weapon systems installed. The launchers will hold 8 striker missiles, 2 assault rockets or two HB-Rockets depending on which systems are loaded. Combinations are possible, such as 4 striker missiles, one assault rocket, and one HB-Rocket.

(source - House Rules WIKI)