Dual, Triple, & Quad barrel weapons

One method to increase damage to your opponents is sending more firepower in their direction. Rather than shooting at them with two, three, or four different weapons, why not simply have all those weapons on a single body?

Adding additional barrels to a weapon, be it a pistol or rifle, incoporates utilizing the reciever, ammunition, and barrel from another host weapon. Hence, a standard laser rifle buttstock can be modified to accept a second, thrid, and/or fourth barrel and ammunition reciever, so that all weapons employ the common trigger assembly to activate them. Doing so increases the mass by 50% of the original single weapon for each additional barrel/reciever. The advantage of course is the extra damage inflicted by the second, third, and fourth unit thus doubling, tripling, or quadrupling the standard damage. The drawbacks, aside from aditional mass, include the additional doubling, tripling, or quadrupling of ammo use.

Cost is also increased by 50% of the original host weapon. Range modifiers are not affected, although possible encumbrance issues can arise.


Dual Gyrojet Pistol

Dual Laser Pistol