Defenses (Knight Hawks)

Deflector Screen (DS)
A Deflector Screen allows shielding of smaller starships from enemy weaponry. A DS can absorb as many hits equal to the HS+4. Also, the screen can be adjusted for maximum protection, angle the screen fore and any attacks from ahead are nullified, angle it aft and any rear attacks are quelled. However, any attacks that come from the opposite side can cause damage.

To this end, the DS can be set at equal fore/aft protection, but won't provide the same protection all around. A DS protects from all energy and projectile weapon attacks. If the attack comes from the angle protected side, the shield will absorb 100% of the damage, if the attack comes from the opposite side the shield will absorb 50% of the damage. A screen set equally fore and aft absorbs 75% of damage from any side. Each hit takes one charge off the screen (maximum charge is HS+4), and it takes one standard repair round (three combat turns) for one charge to be reinstated, and the craft must be coasting under non-combat maneuvers (meaning ADF:0 or 1).

Due to the inability of the DS projectors to extend over a large area, the maximum HS for a DS equipped ship is HS:6. A DS costs (HS x 1500)credits at a Class:I construction center and takes up (HS x 5)cubic meters of space, and takes a LVL:2/FP:8 computer program to operate.

Albedo Shield (AS)

Player characters can wear an Albedo suit for protection against lasers, starship owners can opt for a reflective hull to protect their craft from laser attacks. Player characters can also purchase and activate an Albedo Screen for the same purpose, and so it is now with starships too. A starship's Albedo Shield absorbs full damage from all laser attacks for as long as the shield is activated, but it can only be activated for a number of combat turns equal to (HS +4). After which time the shield energy is drained and must be recharged, which takes an equal number of combat turns and the shield can not be reactivated until fully charged. Treat as a reflective hull for hit determination. Minimum hull size is HS:5 and the system costs (HS x 2500)credits at a Class:I center, takes up (HS x 8)cubic meters, and requires a LVL:2/FP:6 computer program to operate.

(source - House Rules Wiki)