War Tech Starfire Blade

A starfire blade employs technology similar to the starfire grenade launcher on the Frontiersman laser pistol(see the SMan 8 classifieds) to create a blade of pure, white-hot plasma energy shaped and focussed by a magnetic field.

The blade is normally the length of a broadsword, doing 6D10 damage, offering a +15 modifier to the chance to-hit, costing Cr 500, and using 2 SEU/hit.

For an extra Cr150, the blade's length can be adjusted from knife-length(-1D10 damage) to the length of a greatsword(+1D10 damage). The knife-length setting uses 1 SEU/hit, while the greatsword setting uses 5 SEU/hit.

Gauss screens halve damage from starfire blades.

A starfire blade weighs 1.75 kilograms andd uses a 20 SEU powerclip.