Proton Weapons

Proton weapons. Proton weapons are usually referred to as "rafflurs" because of their development designation, Rapid Fluctuating Ray. All proton beams are opaque green and appear to send powerful energy waves streaking back and forth to the target. Rafflurs are unusual in that most use only mini-powerclips and cannot be attached to powerpacks (they have a nasty habit of "backcharging" into any power source heavier than a mini-clip, thus blowing them up). Proton beams are attracted to and attack the molecular cohesion of atoms, which sometimes results in a "bending beam", as with the M-4.

Rafflur M-1. This personal defense device is the size of a cigar and contains a SEU micro-disc. Its damage is 4d10+5, and it only fires once. Its range is extremely limited. After it is fired, the micro-disc is disposed of and a fresh one inserted.

Rafflur M-2. The proton pistol is a handgun roughly the size of a laser pistol. Its damage is 2d10 per SEU, and it has a dial that can fire from 1 to 5 SEUs per shot.

Rafflur M-3. This extremely limited production model's damage and SEU usage are identical to the M-2 pistol, but it has esign modifications, such as a folding stock and energy modulator, which increases its range and accuracy (+5 to hit modifier).

Rafflur M-4. The official weapon of the Yazirian Elite Forces, the main advantage of these 75-cm-long weapons is their ability to unleash all 10 SEUs at once in an area effect (like ancient scatterguns). Their beam is cone-shaped, with the point at the gun's muzzle. Since proton beams are attracted to cohesive atomic strcuture, the first targets in their blast-path usually absorb the damage (if they're lined up perpendicular to the attacker.) To figure out the blast area for targets, take half of the beams distance between muzzle and the closest target. For instance, a blast striking a target at 16 meters would have a diameter of 8 meters, and anyone within approximately 3.5 meters would also receive the blast, but all individuals behind the first target would be safe. Because of this powerful energy surge, the weapon's circuits superheat, requiring the weapon to cool three turns before reloading with a new mini-powerclip. If the target is wearing a synthvelope, only the first 6 SEUs will be halved, with the remaining 4 SEUs blasting through at normal damage (for easier calculating, just consider 7 SEUs worth of full damage).

Rafflur M-6. The proton rifle is a larger version of the pistol, with a selection of up to 10 SEUs per shot and a longer range.

Rafflur M-8. Designated the LONG RANGE SHARP SHOOTER version of the rafflur rifle, this long-barreled beauty comes equipped with a built-in telescopic sight. It cannot be accurately aimed at anything closer than 15 meters, but it has a truly impressive 500 meter range. An expensive break-down version is often used by big game hunters.

Rafflur M-10. The M-10 is the medium ordnance piece of the rafflur series and the counterpart of the heavy laser. It comes standard equipped with a folding quadpod mount which will safely hold the parabattery used in its operation. The parabattery needs to be held safely because of its unusual feedback prevention circuits and filters. This is the only rafflur type which does not use a 10 SEU mini-powerclip. Two humans or one large bio-form are used to transport it. Optional mounting equipment for vehicles, fortifications, etc., can also be purchased.

Helmetic rafflurs. These double projections (one on each side) from the helmet are actually two rafflur M-1s activated by a jaw-tension mechanism. The range is 12 meters maximum, but normal modifiers are used. Two SEU micro-discs are used, one in each unit; damage is identical to two rafflur M-1s. It takes four turns to replace both micro-discs in the helmetic rafflurs. These rafflurs can only be fired where the wearer is looking, and there is a -10 to hit modifier. This action is so simple that it can be completed in addition to other normal actions that turn.
The rafflur series. Please note that the development model numbers are not in the series - M-7, M-9, etc. are missing so you can create your own rafflur models. (weapon stats)

(source- Star Frontiers: 25th Anniversary Edition)