Corsair Container

Container Size: 5
Hull Points: 40
ADF/MR: 0/0   DCR: 90
Armament: PLT (x2)
Defenses: RH
Communications/Detection: SubSpace Radio, Radar, WNB, Intercom
Misc: Heavy Armor

Bureaucracy (3), Computer Lockout (3), Computer Security (4), Damage Control (2), Industry (2), Installation Security (4), Laser Battery (1, x2), Life Support (1), Maintenance (3), Robot Management (4)

Cargo Capacity: 1
Crew Accomodations:
Passenger Accomodations:
Vehicles: 5 fighters

Crew Positions

5 fighter pilots
1 shuttle pilot
8 gunners
chief engineer
6 aux engineer (inc 5 crew chiefs)
6 computer operators (inc 5 fighter crew)
20 technicians (inc 15 fighter crew)
6 roboticists (inc 5 fighter crew)
12 troopers

The Corsair Container is a customized CC-500 container module converted by pirates for luring unwary container ships into their midst. Any ship unfortunate enough to load such a container to their universal cargo rail is in for a nasty surprise, as the corsair's twin laser turrets come online in a perfect position for taking out the host ship's drives and maneuvering systems. And for any cautious ship approaching, TT vessel or otherwise, the container hosts a squadron of five fighter craft equipped with pod lasers and turrets that can disable such craft just as efficiently. Worse yet, any pirate fleet containing a TT container ship can incorporate this module as a mini-carrier, thus enhancing that fleet with a squadron of deadly fighter craft (although the turrets would be limited to rear firing only, being obstructed by the engine struts and hull to prevent fore, port, or starboard target acquisitions).

The container's actual hold is minimal, sufficient for storing supplies to keep the operation going more than valuable cargo. To this end, such containers pressed into service tend to orbit a derelict planet or moon (or drifting near such bodies) where actual valuables can be stored for later pick up by a parent ship, oftentimes accompanied by a small outpost set-up for additional crew and supplies. A shuttle ferries goods and crew back and forth from the settlement to the container, which is typically berthed at the surface compound (although there is a berth on the container to host the shuttle, however it is rare to encounter the module with shuttle attached as it serves to give away the station's nature).

At the fore is the command deck and administration deck, aft of that is the small hold. Five separate fighter support decks follow, each with cabins to support the fighter crews. A crew quarters deck and maintenance deck rounds out the design at the stern. A lift shft connects all decks, and is modular to accept the lift from a host container ship as well. Obviously the design of this container is to lure unsuspecting TT ships to pirate groups wishing to obtain such craft for their own use, and as such the design is a very formidable one.

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