HS:20 Dreadnought Freighter

TT-2000DF Giantess class Dreadnought Freighter
HS: 20   HP: 100   Powerplant: 8 Ion class-C 
ADF: 1  MR: 2  DCR: 80   Crew: up to 20 
Armament:  N/A (LBx2 @ no penalty) 
Defenses: N/A (RH & MSx4 @ no penalty)
Communication/Detection: SubSpace Radio, VideoCom, WNB (Deluxe), Radar, Energy Sensor, Intercom Network 
Misc Equipment: Camera System, Skin Sensors, Deluxe Astrogation Equipment, Chemical Fuel Tank (20 loads)

Computer (Lv-5, 429fp, 300SP) 
Alarm (6), Analysis (6), Astrogation (4), Bureaucracy (4), Commerce (1), Computer Lockout (6), Computer Security (6), Damage Control (6), Drive, Ion-C (5), Industry (1), Information Storage (1), Installation Security (4), Life Support (1, capacity:48), Maintenance (6), Robot Management (4), Transportation (1) 

Cargo Capacity: 20 
Crew Accommodations: Captain’s Suite (double occupancy) 
                                5 convertible single/double/triple bunk cabins 
Passenger Accommodations: 10 Journey Class Cabins (double occupancy)
                                            4 First Class Cabins (double occupancy)
Ship's Vehicles: 2 Shuttles, 4 lifeboats, 8 workpods

     With a hull measuring 470 meters in length, 40m in height, and 75m wide; the Giantess class dreadnought freighter squeaks in at the lower end of Class-XX requirements and is aptly named as she is of slightly less larger stature compared to male giants. Trans-Travel has only manufactured one to date and she is the pride of their transport fleet. Her Ion Drives (which stretch out another 40m in diameter and 550 meters in overall length) allow for rapid redeployment without the overhauls a nuclear powered vessel would require so she can stay in action longer...more so with the standrdized Trans-Travel containers that can be swapped quickly at each stop.

Deck Plans @ 1 square = 3 meters

Shuttles (x2)
HS:2  HP:10  PowerPlant:1 Chemical A
ADF:1  MR:4  DCR:26  Crew:up to 2
Armament: N/A
Defenses: N/A 
Communications/Detection: SubSpace Radio, Radar, Intercom (1 master panel; speaker/mike in cabin, hold, and engine room)
Misc Equipment: N/A

(LVL:2 fp:14 Mass/SP:8)
Alarm (1) 
Astrogation (1)      
Commerce (1) 
Damage Control (1)  
Drive - Chemical A (1)  
Life Support cap:20 (1)   

Cargo Capacity:0.5
Crew Accomodations: 2 acceleration seats
Passenger Accomodations: 18 acceleration seats
Ship's Vehicles: N/A