Light Transport

Starling class Light Transport

HS:4 HP:24 Powerplant: 2 Ion A + 2 chemical A
ADF:1 MR:4 DCR:40 
Armament: LB
Defenses: RH
Comm/Detect: subspace radio, radar, intercom
Misc Equipment: streamlined, light hull armor

COMPUTER ( LVL:4 fp:108 mass/SP:100 )
Alarm: 4 
Analysis: 4 
Astrogation: 4 
Bureaucracy: 2
Commerce: 1
Damage Control: 4 
Drive (Chemical A): 1
Drive (Ion A): 3
Industry: 1
Information Storage: 1
Laser Battery: 1
Life Support: 1 (cap:22)
Maintenance: 4
Transportation: 1

Cargo Capacity: 
Crew Accomodations: Captain's Suite + 4 dbl cabins
Passenger Accomodations: 1 First Class Cabin, 4 Journey Class Cabins
Ships Vehicles: none

Price: 900,050Cr (Class:I SCC)/1,140,050 (Class:II SCC)

     The Starling class light transport is a vintage design dating back a century before the formation of the UPF. Streele, Incorporated (before they dropped the silent “e” and became a mega-corp) originally designed and constructed this ship in pf-100 with the first one serving as a privateer to disrupt the Mining Guild established by Pan-Galactic at the time.  

     The Ion Drives are supplemented by a pair of over-sized Chemical Thrusters along with detachable external fuel tanks. This arrangement permits planetary landings and take-offs as per a system ship of the same size, whereas ion drives alone would not be possible for such tasks. The external tanks hold 20 loads of fuel (5,000Cr to fill), plus a load in the drives themselves. This allows 21 planetary take-offs and landings, or 1 take-off and 20 turns worth of acceleration that adds +1 ADF to the existing Ion Drives for a total of ADF:2, or 10 turns worth of +2 ADF for a total of ADF:3. Note that after exhausting this fuel supply, the Ion Drives can still decelerate for an atmospheric landing with the reserve Chem Drive fuel supply for re-entry. 

     The external cargo pods each hold 1.5 units of cargo for a total of 3 units. There is no direct ship-to-hold access, once loaded the crew won't see the inside of the hold until reaching the destination. The cargo pods can be ejected to increase the Ion Drive performance by +1 ADF, and this boost is cumulative with the temporary Chem Thruster boost allowing a maximum ADF of four. The pods cost 75,000 credits each to replace and will require 45 days each for construction...there was a time when these pods were more common and readily available but those days are long gone. While the external fuel tanks can be detached as well, there is no performance gain, this is merely a safety feature should the tanks get ruptured in combat. Replacing the tanks costs 20,000 credits and requires 30 days of construction time (cost and time is for both tanks). 

     The ship is a paramilitary design boasting light hull armor and increased weaponry and defenses; however, it only comes standard with a laser battery. A single charge Masking Screen and a pair of forward firing Laser Pods (for two 1d10 shots or one 2d10 shot per turn) can be added with no performance penalty. 

     Because this is a vintage design, there can be used samples to be had that are over 100 years old. While the current design has been updated a few times since inception, some of these older ships may still be utilizing vintage hardware and/or software...feel free to offer sub-standard components for such craft, such as a laser battery with a shorter range, an oversized mainframe computer that takes up more space than a modern design, or life support equipment that by original design only lasts half as long.

EDITOR'S NOTE --- Back in merry old 1982 when Star Frontiers debuted, one of the first things my group lamented was the lacking rules for I drafted some house rules by "reverse engineering" the deck plans found in Traveller Supplement 7 Traders & Gunboats. It was all I had access to back then, and we had a working set of guidelines afterwards. My first ship was the Aqulian Starling, which can be seen remastered here:
I had been meaning to convert that ship to KH vertical decks for the past couple of decades now and finally realized that project.


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