UPF Assault Scout (remastered)

WarTech AS-3 markII Assault Scout
HS:3 HP:18 Powerplant: 2 Atomic A
ADF:5 MR:4 DCR:50 
Armament: LB; AR(x4) or AR(x1)+PL
Defenses: RH
Comm/Detect: subscape radio, radar, intercom
Misc Equipment: streamlined, light hull armor

COMPUTER ( LVL: fp: mass/SP: )
Alarm: 2 
Analysis: 4 
Assault Rocket: 1
Astrogation: 4 
Computer Lockout: 4
Damage Control: 2 
Drive (atomic A): 4 
Industry: 1
Information Storage: 1
Installation Security: 4 
Laser Battery: 1
Laser Cannon: 1
Life Support: 1 (cap:8)
Maintenance: 2
Robot Management: 3
Transportation: 1

Cargo Capacity: 0.5 per cargo module/1.5 maximum
Crew Accomodations: 4 dbl cabins
Passenger Accomodations: n/a
Ships Vehicles: none

The mark2 AS-3 is a lightly modified design of the original assault scout. The convertible forward firing system was lifted from the F-40 Vulcan starfighter, the magazine can be converted to accomoate the standard issue of four rockets or it can be reduced to one with the addition of a pod laser system. Defensively, light hull armor was added with no restrictions to performance. While the UPF did not wish to sacrafice the scout's exceptional performance with heavier armor grades, at least one planetary militia has pre-ordered scouts with the beefier medium armor while taking an acceleration hit.

The most notable change is the addition of a stern mounted cargo module connection. Streamlined lengths of hull that match the shape of the assault scout's stern section can be affixed, each module measuring sixteen meters in length. Modules can be linked to each other in trains, their bay doors and airlocks lining up with each other and the host scout. Ventral bay doors permit access to cargo in modules that are sandwiched between other modules or their host scout.

Each module can accomodate one half unit of cargo, and unladen they restrict performance by a factor of one maneuver point per module, thus rendering the assault rocket system useless (one reason for the convertible PL system). Full modules restrict acceleration by a factor of one each as well. Filled or empty, no more than three containers may be affixed to an assault scout. Modules can be affixed or detached at a rate of one per ten minute combat turn, however previously assembled trains can be affixed (or detached) in one turn.

While being a streamlined extension of the scout hull itself, only one module can be affixed to an assault scout whose captain intends on practicing planetfall...additional modules have proven to be too extensive of a load to the host structure for atmospheric use.

In combat, any hull hits have a 20% chance (cumulative per module) of hitting a cargo module instead of the host scout. Cargo modules can abosorb 5 hull points of damage before being destroyed, damage above and beyond five is divided between any adjacent module and/or the host ship. Each module adds five to the host ship's DCR for effecting repairs.

1 meter scale

Deck 1 - Flying Bridge

Deck 2 - Main Bridge

Deck 3 - Recreation Deck

Deck 4 - Crew Deck

Deck 5 - Maintenance Deck

Deck 6 - Hold & Entry

External Cargo Modules (up to three, tenatively decks 7-9 when utilized)