Assault Frigate

original concept by Rob Nill, reproduced & reenvisioned with permission

HS:5     HP:40     Powerplant: 3 Class B Atomic Drives
ADF:3   MR:4     DCR:70      Crew: 24-30
Armament: AR(x12, 2 launchers), LB(x2), PLT(x4)
Defenses: RH, ICM (x12, 2 launchers)
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, VideoCom, Radar, Energy Sensor, WNB, Intercom network, Skin Sensors, Camera System

COMPUTER  (Level:5 FP:216 Mass/SP:300)
Analysis (4)
Alarm (3)
Assault Rocket (1) x2
Astrogation (4)
Bureaucracy (3)
Communication (1)
Computer Lockout (3)
Damage Control (3)
Drive, Atomic B (5)
Information Storage (3)
Installation Security (3)
Interceptor Missile (3) x2
Life Support, cap:40 (1) x2
Laser Battery (1) x6
Maintenance (3)
Transportation (1)

Cargo Capacity: 1
Fuel Tankage: 18 plutonium or uranium fuel pellets (6/drive)
Crew Accomodations: captain's suite, 4 single officer cabins, 8 double bunk and 10 single crew cabins
Passenger Accomodations: 1 double occupancy suite
Ship's Vehicles: lifeboat, 4 escape pods; optional workpod

Constructed using a Class:5 hull, the standard UPF Frigate is the mainstay of the UPF Spacefleet. The vessel displaces 1600 tons and is staffed by up to 30 crew members. The Assault Frigate is a variant design intended for planetary militias, trading off superior acceleration for superior maneuverability. As such the spacious torpedo system is replaced with a pair of assault rocket launchers, each sporting a six rocket magazine and capable of firing two at a time. A quartet of pod laser turrets and a pair of full size laser batteries completes the weaponry, while the standard reflective hull is complimented with a pair of ICM launchers each containing six missiles. Aside from the pair of batteries, the weapons are geared for close combat and when the missile frigate achieve such ranges it is downright deadly. An optional workpod is available with docking gear on the engineering level, the second hatch gets relocated to the dorsal upper crew deck in lieu of the airlock for the 'pod.

(Editor's Note --- weapons & defenses were calculated via total cubic meters as listed on page 61 of the KH Campaign Book)

Captain (Pilot:3+)
Co-Pilot (Pilot:3+)
Astrogator (Astrogation:1+)
Chief Engineer (Engineer:3+)
Auxiliary Engineers (x2, Engineer:1+)
Rocket Gunnery Officer (Rocket Gunnery:2+)
Energy Gunnery Officers (x6, Energy Gunnery:2+)
Communications Officer (Technician:1+)
Sensor Officer (Technician:1+)
Fire Control Officers (x4, Computer:1+)
Medical Officer (Medic:2+)
Technicians (x4, Technician:1+, Computer:1+)
Boarding Party (up to 6, Ranged Weapons:2+, Melee Weapons:1+)

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