Demilitarized/Surplus Assault Scout

HS:3     HP:15-24     Powerplant: n/a, set up for 2 Class A drives 
ADF:0*   MR:4      DCR:30      Crew: up to 8
Armament: none, provision for one LB w/ no penalty 
Defenses: RH (may need fresh coating...)
Communication/Detection: Subspace Radio, Radar 
Misc Equipment: streamlined, possible hull armor...

COMPUTER ( LVL:3 fp:40 mass/SP:20 )

Alarm: 2 
Analysis: 4 
Astrogation: 4 
Damage Control: 2    
Life Support: 1  (cap:8)

Cargo Capacity: 0.5
Fuel Tankage: n/a
Crew Accomodations: 4 double cabins
Passenger Accomodations: 0
Ship's Vehicles: none

A typical Assault Scout sees 15-20 years of service in the UPF followed by another 15-30 years in a planetary militia (although some militias buy theirs new). After which, these well served craft are stripped down/demilitarized and offered wholesale to the public. All armor and weapons are removed along with ship's vehicles, although an armored scout does make it to market on occasion. Note the hardpoint socket remains intact so restoring the laser battery is a simple affair and will not penalize the ship's performance. It can also be modified to an observation dome if desired. The computer is wiped and reformatted, and all military related programs are purged. As such they come with a minimalist computer software package. Buyers must obtain drives and a corresponding a new A-drive program first and foremost, although on occasion a surplus scout may make it to market with well worn drives that wil need maintenance and overhauls (but will never be restored to original ADF:5 without the military drive software and enhancement packages). Figure cost at 600,000Cr minus (age X 1%) for a fully stripped model, although typically these vessels are auctioned to the highest bidder.

* ADF varies after drives and computer program are acquired

(deck plans below are rendered in 2-meter squares)

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