TT-6150P Pacific Class Para-Military/Privateer

HS: 6   HP: 36   Powerplant: 3 Pan Galactic "Eureka" Atomic B
ADF: 4   MR: 3   DCR: 50   Fuel: 18
Armament: 3 Laser Batteries
Defenses: RH, MS(x2)
Communication/Detection: SubSpace Radio, Videocom, Intercom network, Radar
Misc. Equipment: Light Hull Armor, Cargo Loading Arm

Computer  Level:4 FP:141 Mass/SP:100
Alarm (3)
Analysis (4)
Astrogation (4)
Commerce (1)
Communication (1)
Damage Control (3)
Drive (5)
Industry (1)
Information Storage (1)
Laser Battery (1) x3
Life Support, cap:18 (1) x2
Maintenance (3)
Transportation (1)

Cargo Accomodation: 4.5 (+ potential for 0.5 secret hold)
Crew Accomodation: 3 cabins, up to 12
Passenger Accomodation: 6 (2 Journey Class Cabins, 1 First Class Cabin)
Ship's Vehicles: Lifeboat, 2 workpods
Base Price: 2,894,900Cr --- does not include fuel, soacesuits, or toolkits

The TT-6150P is the next evolutionary step of the original Pacific design. Restricted to construction under para-military contractors, the basic ship has been considerably upgraded for combat, featuring light hull armor and a trio of laser batteries. The cargo hold is reduced by 25% to accommodate the additional hull integrity and additional weaponry. Ideal for planetary militias and government sponsored privateering, the P model does the job well.

The captain's suite is lost, replaced by a pair of crew cabins. Typically the captain will opt for the 1st class cabin when it is not in use, otherwise he will bunk with the rank and file.

Smugglers were quick to identify a design quirk, namely a hollowed section between the Engineering deck and the hold. With a minimal amount of effort the "secret deck:5" can be enabled via bulkheads and hidden access doors or plates to creat a 0.5 unit hold, restoring total capacity closer to the base Pacific rating. This modification can be performed by any level:3+ Engineer at a cost of 50,000Cr and takes two tendays worth of dry dock time.

The ship is otherwise identical to the standard Pacific design.