Escort Frigate (light frigate)

PGCMS-52FE Frigate/Escort 
(Light Frigate)

HS: 5   HP: 30   Powerplant: 3 Pan Galactic "Eureka" Atomic B
ADF: 4  MR: 3  DCR:  60   Crew: 24
Armament: LC, LB(x2), RB(x4)
Defenses: RH, MS(x2), ICM(x4)
Communication/Detection: SubSpace Radio, VideoCom, Radar, Energy Sensor, WNB, Intercom
Misc: Light Armor

Alarm (3)
Analysis (4)
Astrogation (4)
Bureaucracy (1)
Commerce (1)
Communication (1)
Computer Lockout (6)
Computer Security (5)
Damage Control (3)
Drive (5)
Industry (1)
Information Storage (1)
Installation Security (5)
Interceptor Missile (3)
Laser Cannon (1)
Laser Battery (1) x2
Life Support, cap:32 (1) x2
Maintenance (3)

Cargo Capacity: 2.5
Crew Accomodations: 1 dbl suite, 7 dbl cabins, 2 quad cabins
Passenger Accomodations: 2 dbl suites, 2 dbl cabins
Ship's Vehicles: small launch, 2 workpods, shuttle

An updated design that was originally seen following the first Sathar War, this ship utilizes most of the structure from those original warbirds produced after said war. However, the layout is about all that remains. Modern military electronics and miniturization allows for a versatile ship that is both effective in smaller engagements as well as transport duties. The Escort Frigate, occassionally referred to as a Light Frigate, has a smaller crew than the full warbird equivilent. Ditching the torpedo system, the trade off is performance. Pan Galactic's infamous "Eureka" atomic drives push the envelope for a capital ship, offering extensive acceleration seen only in smaller craft. Naturally the Light Frigate can not tackle fleet engagement as it is somewhat lacking in terms of front line duty, but it is well armed against pirates and other smaller threats.

Space Fleet and local militias alike use these vessels (the latter being the most common), and several civilian organizations have acquired them as well via government charters. The passenger decks are not lavishly equipped but serve their purpose. The cargo hold is not large enough to be profitable either, but it accents a fleet's capacity in terms of transferring goods without dispatching a warship away from duty for such trivial pursuits. Escorts in the service of a planetary militia typically join with any Space Fleet vessels insystem as an envoy, as well as serving as a flagship for those militias that don't employ a full on warship frigate or destroyer. Space Fleet uses them as advanced scout craft to compliment the firepower of their assault scouts as well as detached duty vessels that range ahead or venture on return trips without sacraficing any warships from the current maneuvers.

It should be noted this is a para-military design and as such it is not readily available to civilians without a government contract.