TT-456 Container Ship

(modular freight hauler)

HS: 4 HP: 20 Powerplant: 2 Atomic B 
 ADF5   4 4  33
  MR4   4 3  32
DCR: 32 Crew: up to 8
Armament: optional pod laser turret at no penalty 
Defenses: optional RH
Communication/Detection: SubSpace Radio, VideoCom, Radar, Intercom
Misc. Equipment: modular cargo container rail


Alarm (2)
Analysis (4)
Astrogation (4)
Bureaucracy (3)
Commerce (1)
Communication (1)
Computer Lockout (4)
Computer Security (4)
Damage Control (2)
Drive, atomic B (5)
Industry (1)
Installation Security (4) 
Laser Battery (1)
Life Support, cap:8 (1)
Maintenance (2)


Cargo Capacity: varies, see Cargo Containers below 
Crew Accomodations: 4 dbl cabins
Passenger Accomodations: none
Ship's Vehicles: workpod, small launch

Trans Travel released a hit with their 456 model freight hauler. Peaking at 14.5 meters at its widest point (minus engine struts and drives,which give it a total width of 42 meters) but a mere 18 meters in length (minus the cargo rail, which adds another 48 meters), the basic hull itself is too small for a class:5 designation. However, hauling capacity via detachable containers mandates the use of size:B drives. Naturally with lighter loads performance is quite beneficial, and even when fully loaded the ship is no pushover either.

When the ship docks at a station or takes up orbit, containers are a fast and easy matter of loading or unloading. Universal rail clamps are fitted to the containers and readily available at any station utilizing the containers, and are efficiently affixed to the ship's cargo rail, and even the elevator sections are easily spliced in with each and every configuration for inter-crew access. It takes about 30 minutes to load a container onto the rail, and no more than ten to remove one. This means pre-loaded containers merely await for an inbound TT-456, rather than taking the time to unload the craft prior to loading the new cargo. This of course significantly reduces layover time, permitting the ship to re-enter the spacelanes more efficiently.

Deck Profile

Deck Plans
(1 meter squares)

Cargo Containers

container type  CC-125 CC-250CC-500
Cargo Capacity1.25 units2.5 units5 units
Hull Points      3      6   12
DCR     10     20   30

Crew: up to four
Armament: n/a
Defenses: optional RH
Misc: Subspace Transmitter, Intercom, Cargo Arm

Bureaucracy (1)
Cargo Arm (2)
Commerce (1)
Communication (1)
Computer Lockout (4)
Damage Control (1)
Installation Security (3)  
Life Support, cap:4 (1)
Maintenance (1)

Crew Accomodations: 2 dbl cabins

Cargo Containers are available in three sizes (1.25, 2.5, and 5 unit capacity) and as such can be universally affixed in a variety of configurations, totalling no more than five units together for the TT-456. Trans Travel intends to expand this concept with larger vessels in the future sporting multiple cargo rails (allowing a total of ten, fifteen, or twenty total units carried), coupled with the ease of application and numerous participating stations across the Frontier, as such they have mass produced these containers. As such expect most stations to have a variety of these containers available for an outbound cargo.

When a hull hit is determined during combat, there is a chance that damage will be applied to a container rather than the ship itself. As such, should the container be destroyed adjacent containers or the ship itself is subject to taking half of the damage that the container itself incurs. The ship may, at the crew's discretion, jettison a container to improve performance. Of course, any crew assigned to the container may have something to say about this act, and any computer experts in said crews can become involved in a virtual cyber battle with the host ship crew in over-riding the other system to prevent such acts. All non drive, maneuver, weapon, and defense hits are applicable to containers in a similar manner. See table below for damage application:

container type  CC-125 CC-250CC-500
Damage probability   15%   30%   50%

Container module DCR may be applied toward ship repairs and vice versa, hence the container's DCR may be added to the host ship's DCR.

Cargo Container layout

various container configurations

(original image provided by w00t, re: "KH TOC Freighter", rendered from the SF/KH arriors of White Light module. Original renditions modified and updated for use in this deck plan)

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