TIT: Aquisition Service Personel

The following non player characters are part of the administration and support structure of the Acquisition Service. Players will have opportunity to interact with them at the beginning of an adventure and possibly later on as communication links allow. They're provided as a cast for the referee to set the stage for the adventure and provide limited guidance.

Dajana Juranac; Director
Human Female, Level 5, Abilities 55%, Age 40
Bio: Dajana's family comes from Croatian stock that eventually settled on Lossend, Timeon to farm. Dajana was expected to follow through on a semi-arranged marriage but fled to Cassidine, working her passage on a freighter. She worked her way up to lower management within a subsidiary of the CDC before taking advantage of a corporate training program. She worked within a CDC research division for another 7 years before cashing in her profit sharing to attend Zebulon University.

She's attained her position with the institute on drive and ability but is not a neophyte in the area of academic politics and in-fighting, having seen it all before in the corporate world. She does not encourage too much familiarity with her subordinates and often presents a severe no nonsense persona. Despite that, she cares for everyone who works for her, returning loyalty for loyalty, and is unafraid to go to bat for them.

Vi-k'tr ("Victor"); Accountant
Vrusk male, Level 2, Abilities 40%, Age 25
Bio: The offspring of vrusk pirates, Vi-k'tr was raised by humans on Clarion, after the Royal Marines captured a vrusk pirate ship. With all the adult pirates killed and no out system vrusk trade house interested in taking the orphan, Vi-k'tr ended up a ward of the Crown and was fostered to a working class family. Never really fitting in he's long felt like a misfit. In recent years he's become interested in his vrusk roots and become an amateur historian of the vrusk hive period (treat as level 1 scholar on this period if needed). He's been building an impressive personal collection of hive period artifacts, art and literature.

At the institute he's found his place in the universe becoming extremely loyal to the board of directors. His loyalty to the institutes's board leads him to be very diligent and frugal with the institutes money. This can set him at logger heads with the action team of the Acquisition Service as he tries to only disburse just enough funds with little wiggle room to do the mission. He's also a bit anal about wanting a full account of expenses and equipment post mission.

Dr. Tollon of Terledrom; Professor/Researcher
Dralasite, neuter, Level 6, Abilities 40% (reduced due to age), Age: 221
Bio: Tollon attended universities on Terledrom, Gran Quivera, and the famous University of Zebulon. He has multiple doctorates and authored several books on a wide variety of subjects. Semi-Retired from teaching, Dr. Tollon has been assigned to the Acquisition Service with its less strenuous demands due to his age. He still fills in as a guest lecturer and substitute professor at the institute but his primary duty is as advisor the Acquisition Service.

At his age he's turned neuter and is anticipating his 222nd budding day. He's jolly and quick to laugh, often inordinately fascinated by the least little discovery. He has a habit of beginning any exposition with the corniest joke he can think of.

Sanlein Garu; Conservator
Yazirian female, Level 3, Abilities 45%, Age: 35
Bio: Born and raised on Hentz, Sanlein attended the University of Zebulon for post graduate work. Relieved from the oppressive atmosphere of Hentz society she never returned. She's worked with a number of smaller museums, particularly with organizing and setting up new exhibits. When the organization of the Triad Institute of Technology was announced she came to Triad and campaigned for a job.

She's not vocal against the Family of One but has been dabbling in the alternative yazirian religion known as Bailorism. She's a technical expert  with a knack for understanding out of date computer code.

Notes on NPC stats- rather than detail lots of stats that may never get used each character is assigned a general level that represents the level of the NPCs principle skills and a general level for ability scores. Simply use the listed score for any dice roll that requires the actual ability score. If skills levels for secondary skills are required for these NPCs use 1/2 the stated character level. Each NPC can be considered to be carrying equipment that the referee needs them to carry.