Mooks without Number

Location: Port Loren, Gran Quivera, Prengular

Net Relay Notice #9947-43219
Hiring: Skilled Spacers and Cargo Handlers
Enquire at Dinza's Antiques.

The adventure begins: Shipmaster Kleevor Gin is using the front business of another Capellan Free Merchant to interview prospective crew. His former crew, two humma and a human were involved in a bar fight where weapons were drawn. They were arrested then charged with a variety of crimes including attempted murder. Kleevor paid for a lawyer and has done his best to support them but the legal proceedings will drag out for months. His discretionary cash is running short and he is forced to take a job now. While interviewing prospective crew one question he will ask is if they are prone to getting into fights in bars among the usual that you'd expect in an interview for these sorts of positions.

The new crew and Shipmaster Kleevor will load several crates (player characters with Military PSA will suspect they look like weapons crates just by size and shape though there is no outward sign) aboard Kleevor's shuttle. If asked, Kleevor will simply say its supplies for farmers on Lossend. Once aboard the freighter in orbit, Kleevor will detail the PCs to take care of some routine maitenance that has been left undone. They'll have to stow the freight, complete maintenance, and orient themselves to the ship even as the ship accelerates toward jump speed.

The crew will be kept busy with work and cleaning while the ship makes the trip to Timeon. However once a 20 hour day Kleevor will have a dinner for the whole crew to sit down together. It's and opportunity to talk and socialize. Once the ship is underway He will reveal that their job is to deliver some weapons to a farming settlement in exchange for twice the value in ag goods as well as the promise to purchase more at cost. He's not sure why the settlement needs the weapons but his contacts on Gran Quivera suggested that reports of pirates extorting from small outposts may be behind it. Therefore the crew will take the shuttle down, rent a cargo copter and deliver the weapons. They will have a credit draft to purchase enough ag goods to fill the ship's hold. Kleevor will watch the shuttle. Everyone is to be armed with at least a side arm; rifles or heavier weapons should be ready to hand.