Caught between a rock and a laser

This adventure assumes the players have been caught and forced to fight in the arena or volunteered to fight for a cause. In either case the adventure should run the same.

Imagine a roman-style arena. Stands to seat thousands, dirt or sand floor, small buildings and platforms to hide, etc.

The arena is littered with weapons and defenses, some are in open sight, others are hidden.
Powered items have limited SEU, the players shouldn't know how long an item's power source will last. 
You can draw out the arena and decide where items are or determine what % chance a character has of finding an item. For instance, there is a 40% chance a character will find an item on the following table. If the roll includes a "0" the character has found two items. 

Sample Item Table (I need to make a d100 table)

1d10 - ITEM
1 - laser pistol with 4 SEU
2 - blasthammer (Issue #13, p6)
3 - skiensuit jacket will absorb 20 pts of interia damage
4 - auto pistol with 2 clips (no burst mode)
5 - electric sword with 10 SEU
6 - sonic devestator with 1 shot
7 - tangler grenade
8 - spear
9 - shock gloves with 10 SEU
10 - roll twice

Larger Arenas may include vehicles and different types of terrain. Mix up such areas with traps, pits, water areas, dry land, mazes, etc.