Solo Adventure - Pirate Attack

I wrote a solo adventure tonight, it's a wip but please let me know what you think.
Haven't play tested yet.

Episode #8 - Pirate Attack


You play the last surviving member of a scouting mission to Survey #24. Your goal is to survive by stealing aboard the pirate ship.


You awake with blurred vision and a splitting headache. You remember getting thrown against the bulkhead in deck 6. Over the intercom you hear, “...attack, prepare for borders.” Borders? What!?

The Com crackles to life, “Crewman, get your pink hide to deck 2.” It’s the voice of Bleeb the dralasite. When you arrive at deck 2 several of your friends lie slumped against their consoles, apparently dead. Bleeb’s third arm is holding a cloth to this head, grey goo soaks the cloth. “I’ve managed to install a sleeper (command and control program) in their ships main core. The scuz, left their Com open for an intercept. Look, you got one chance; get to their ship, enter this code, it’ll take you to Darkworld. I know... but keep your.” Bleeb’s deep bellow trails off. “Keep your head low, Frontier Postal Service, level 6. Take the code.” Another pause, “This ship, self destruct” Bleeb’s left-most hand drops, a disk clatters to the metallic floor resonating through the dead deck.

  1. The ship will destruct in d100+10 turns. (Roll and record.)
  2. You start on deck 2. Roll 2d10 for the number of turns you have before the ships are mated via airlock. Another 4 turns the pirates will cut through your ships hatch with a LPT. (Roll 2d10 and 4 and record.)
  3. You need to acquire a space suit and weapons. Suits are located one deck 3, 6 and 7. The weapons locker is located on deck 7.
  4. You must find a way aboard the pirates ship and insert the disc into the main computer located where pirate 3 is stationed (Pilot/Computer on the map).
  5. Tactics - You can meet the pirates head on at the airlock, lock doors, set traps, call for help, etc.


  • The elevator moves 1 deck per turn. It takes 1 turn to enter the elevator.
  • Doors/Airlocks - Your turn ends in front of a closed door. On the next turn door opens and you can move normally.
  • Space suits - 5 turns to don a suit, for every 5 points of DEX above 45, subtract 1 turn. Minimum turns is always 2
  • Racial movement - see below

 RaceWalk Run 

d10 Random Pirate Movement
To randomly determine which ways the pirates are moving use this table. The boarding party will be split into two groups, A and B. Roll for each group. 

NOTE: If you try and talk to the pirates they still move based on a roll, even if you coerce them or tell them where you are. They've been instructed to search the ship and do so randomly. Hey, their pirates!

d10 Result 
 1 Pirates split into two groups
 2-3 Move to higher level
 4-5 Move to lower level 
 6 Fans out, each pirate in group searches a separate area
 7 Stays in current location
 8 Radios back to ship, asks for heat scan of ship
 9 Secures area hiding behind furniture or consoles
 0 Find hold and loots 

Weapons Locker

It takes 4 turns to get into the locker, check weapon clips and fill the backpack.
  • Doze grenade (x5)
  • Smoke grenade (x5)
  • Tangler grenade (x5)
  • Backpack
  • Gas Mask
  • Space suit
  • Laser pistol (x2) w/ 5 clips
  • Gyrojet rifle w/ 5 clips
  • Vibroknife (x2)
  • Needler pistol (x2) w/ sleep ammo
  • Electrostunner w/ 2 clips
  • Skiensuit

Boarding Party

The boarding party will shoot on site. Pirates never retreat.

  • There are 1d5+2 human pirates in the access tube.
  • They will enter the airlock on deck 10

After determining the size of the boarding party split them evenly between Party A and Party B. For instance if you roll 8 the boarding party would have 6 pirates total, three using Party A's stats and three using Party B's stats. 

Pirate  Boarding Party A 
STR/STA 30/50 
DEX/RS 70/70 
INT/LOG 50/50 
PER/LDR 40/40 
Defense Skiensuit
Weapons Auto pistol 70%, 1d10/5d10
 Nightstick 30%, 2d10 

Pirate  Boarding Party B   
STR/STA 30/30 
DEX/RS 50/50 
INT/LOG 60/60 
PER/LDR 60/60 
Defense None
Weapons Electric sword 30%, 4d10/Stun 

Pirate Ship

  • There are 3 pirates on the ship in the locations marked on the ship.

Pirate  Aboard Pirate Ship 
STR/STA 55/55
DEX/RS 35/35 
INT/LOG 50/50 
PER/LDR 45/45 
IM 4
Defense Albedo Suit
Weapons Laser pistol set on 2d10 

Your Character

Roll up an Alpha Dawn Basic character or use the one provided below.

STR/STA 60/60 
DEX/RS 45/45 
INT/LOG 50/50 
PER/LDR 40/40 
Melee To-Hit:
Ranged To-Hit:

  1. Adjust scores by swapping up to 10 points between ability pairs.
  2. Pick a race and adjust racial ability modifiers.
  3. Use STR for melee to-hit and DEX for ranged to-hit.
  4. Technical actions like placing a password on door/airlock, accessing the internal sensor grid from a console, etc., uses LOG. Intimidating or bluffing a pirate use PER. 


The ship will explode in d100+10 turns. If you are aboard the pirate ship and it is still attached, roll on the Knight Hawks Advanced Game Damage Table with a -20 penalty (as-if the ship was hit by a rocket battery).

Record Keeping

Use the following to assist in keeping track of turns, locations, etc.

  • Self-Destruct in _____ turns. (d100)
  • Number of turns to don space suit O O O O O (minimum 2 turns)
  • Pirate ship attaches in  O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O turns. (2d10)
  • Pirates cut through airlock in O O O O turns. 
  • Number in Board Party O O O O O O O (1d5+2)
  • Elevators Current Location: ____________________ (starts on deck 2, your current position at the start of the game)