Royal Marines Youth Academy

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RMYA - Royal Marines Youth Academy
This academy introduces young children to military service. Today it is one of the finer military youth institutions in the frontier. RMYA has several bases of operation, each is linked via comm over secure subspace channels which allows the youth to converse freely and securely.

Secret Message
One or more youth from RMYA win a competition to visit the RM station in orbit and meet the top brass. They become aware of an RM secret, either through direct observation or overhear something. One of the youth is so excited she blogs about it over the secure channel via her advanced chronocom.

The message is intercepted by a technician working for the Guards of Clarion (GoC) (1). He then forwards to his contact.

Taking the Youth hostage
On the return trip the  GoC stage a trap and takes one or more youth hostage.

Stealing the Secret
This part of the adventure should deal with GoC infiltrating a RM base and stealing something valuable. 

Rescuing the Youth

Player Information

Characters can perform data searches in the White Light system using a GalactipedieNET terminal.

(1) Guards of Clarion - The Guards of Clarion are a radical and violent arm of the Liberation Front and supports the violent overthrow of the monarchy. It is known for its virulent hatred of the Royal Guards, Royal Marines and the Royal Mounted Constabulary.

Liberation Front - The Liberation Front was the action arm of the Liberation Party and responsible for the assassination of King Leotus XIX. It continues to be active on Clarion but since the loss of its political mouthpiece the movement has floundered some. This has given rise to a radical element known as the Guards of Clarion.

Royal Mounted Constabulary - The Royal Mounted Constabulary dates back to the founding of the monarchy. It has a served the role of a planet wide “federal” police force since its establishment. In the early days they kept the peace over large areas of Clarion that were sparsely populated and used live mounts to do so. As the planet has grown to be a heavily populated world the methods of the RMC have grown and evolved to meet changing needs including the introduction of the first robotic steeds in the Frontier. Today you will find some areas of Clarion are still patrolled by “Mounties” on live and robotic mounts. RMC is a modern police force every bit the equal to the Star Law Rangers. Its motto, “Fidelitas, Veneratis, Virtus” translates loyalty, honor, and valor.