Salvage Operations

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This document serves as a playing ground to document adventures in the Salvage Operations business. 

A long time ago I read a book that I can't find, please help.
Synopsis; When FTL was discovered it was ran by "trains", not ships. At one of the spaceports or planets there was a statue of the first major train wreck. A certain woman ran a salvage company, she took a job to retrieve a crystal from a downed plane/ship on a planet. On the planet they either brought or rented a gondola. There was treachery during the salvage.

What is Salvage Operations?

The recovery, evacuation, and reclamation of damaged, discarded, condemned, or abandoned material, ships, craft, for reuse, repair, re-fabrication, or scrapping. 


Planetside, habitable
These types of operations require equipment specific to the location. Some locations worth mentioning are underwater, open sea, underground, rift valleys or volcanoes.

Operations have gear to finish the job but often require a method of transport. If they are off-planet typical operations have their own transport in the form on landers.

Planetside, in-habitable
The type of equipment is consistent form job to job and often requires the use of a habitation dome where the crew stays while working the site.

First you'll need a ship with a large cargo bay or some type of hauler. Many operations use junk ships to chop up larger debris. 

Starting a Salvage Business