Solo Adventures

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This is a solo adventure designed to be played by a single person. 

A mysterious race of worm-like creatures have landed on Pale. Your team is part of a resistance group attempting to guide civilians to a waiting transport ship.  You must guide the civi's through a wide canyon to a ship hidden in a forest glade.

  • Alpha Dawn Expanded Game Rules
  • Pencils
  • Several ten-sided dice including one that is a different color
  • Miniatures or counters representing vehicles and characters
  • 6 foot table
All characters are human. 

Hover transport
Hover car

See MAP A.
Chatter on the radiophone suggest the sathar are on the move from the main city to the outlying areas. You have 4 hours before the first patrols arrive. 

Time of day: The sun will rise in 30 minutes, visibility is reduced to 1/2. 
Number fo civi:
Number of military, gear, offensive capability

If you travel by vehicle go to 10
 - There must be a benefit and detriment.
The vehicles speed will help obviously get you closer to the ship faster. However, it will leave tracks and possible heat signatures for the sathar to track. 

If you split up the vehilces -20
If a team uses the vehicles as a decoy -40
Sathar Forward Scout 60% (searching, shooting, piloting)

If you travel by foot, go to 20
 - There must be a benefit and detriment.

Event Cards
  1. Weather, poor weather conditions effect movement to half. 
  2. Weather, favourable weather conditions allow the scout to make a roll to determine if he finds a short cut which gains 30 minutes of travel time.
  3. Forward patrol, allow the scout to make a roll to determine if he sees an air patrol before the team is spotted. 
  4. Mud pits, loose .30 minutes
  5. Short cut, whether in a vehicle or on foot, gain 30 minutes.
  6. Horsepower, the team finds an abandon farm with two horses still penned up. The scout can make a roll to ride the horse and find a short cut wich gains 30 minutes of travel time.