New Jack Frontier


Crew of the heavy cruiser, Prenglar's Pride are in the thick of it during an engagement of the Second Sathar War. The ship is heavily damage cut off from the rest of the fleet, surrounded by a sathar carrier and several destroyers. Their fate is sealed and they will not survive. The commander gives the order to ram the sathar carrier, its a gamble but its also the last measure of duty they can perform for the UPF, taking out a significant sathar asset with their own death. Their suicidal move catches the sathar flat footed and as the cruiser is about to hit the carrier a the destroyers fire a massive salvo in an attempt to stop the UPF ship. Just as the engineer overloads his remaining atomic drives and the ship is rocked by the first explosions from the sathar's weapons, the entire crew vanishes. The Prenglar's Pride takes out the sathar carrier and her crew are lauded for their sacrifice because the battle ends as a UPF win.

The vanished crew experience a rush through an energy vortex and meterialize in a massive ships hold. There is a UPF flag hanging on the bulkhead and a noise like a generator winding down. Once the noise subsides a massive air lock style door opens and four humans enter; one is a UPF admiral and the rest appear to be his aides. The UPF uniforms of the newcomers are recognizable for the insignias but the cut, style and color is different. The admiral appologizes for the method of bringing them aboard and tells them that they will all be fully briefed after they have been processed.

Processing starts with collection of all side arms and weapons, a full medical scan and treatment of injuries (it becomes obvious that the medical treatment is far in advanced of UPF tech used during the SW2). The briefings are separate for officers and enlisted in two different auditoriums.

They learn that the ship they are on is a Space fleet vessel from 200 years in the future and that a mutated version of the Blue Plague has very nearly wiped out the population of the Frontier and that Frontier civilization has reached the point of unsustainability. Fortunately the new Frontier has tech that allows for time travel and the UPF dispatched ships to travel back in time and bring forward fresh population stock for the salvation of mankind. [The use of the word mankind is a fruedian slip but we'll get into that more latter]. The time travellers cannot risk their present by taking just anyone so they use their historic records of history and travel to points where large casualties occur and teleport them out at the moment of death. Thus their past is still preserved and they obtain fresh population stock. They then tell the "jacked" UPF crew that their suicidal sacrifice took out the sathar carrier and turned the tide of the battle, winning it through their sacrifice. The UPF admiral informs them that they were all posthumously awarded medals and that he is proud to finally be able to present those awards to them.

He understands that they never expected this but the need of the UPF is so great in the future he hopes that they will agree to come forward and help save the new Frontier. Anyone who does not can be transported back to the exact moment they left their ship.

A few individuals dont want to go to the future and ask to be transported back (one of which is a human). The rest sign on to the proposed new life in the future, are assinged quarters, issued new jumpsuits and briefed on the differences in basic machinery and safety equipment.

Meanwhile a vrusk disappears mysteriously, they discover they dont have full run of the ship, and one of the enlisted crew, a yazirian, asserts that the UPF admiral is none other than Admiral Morgaine. He's cerain of it because his clan has the distinciton of having the only statue on Hentz that memorializes a human in their garden of rememberance. That statue is of Admiral Morgaine and Admiral Harsvoort, two of the heros of the First Sathar War. Any yazirian of his clan would recognize that human face having grown up on the stories of the friendship forged between the human and yazirian admirals.