Defending the Village

The Manns Settlement began life as a temporary base of operation during the brief attempt by Pan Galactic Corporation to bully Tachton out of competition with it. Not long after PGC abandoned the base, Markum Manns lead a group of settlers to take it over and start a farming commune. If they can turn a profit the community will eventually build individual houses for each family and expand operation further but this will not happen if the pirates burn them out.

: The Manns Settlement
For this encounter use the town map on the back of the Port Loren Map.  
1 Main gate & fence (electrified at night)
2 Lookout towers (leftover from corporate conflict)
3 Barn & Stables
4 Dining Hall
5 Bachelors Dorm
6 Coral
7 Married Dorm
8 Leader's Quarters
9 Tool & Feed Sheds
10 Landing Platform
11 Food Store
12 Married Dorm
13 Admin Building
14 Garage

The Weapons Shipment
  • 10 semi-automatic pistols
  • 30 clips of pistol ammo
  • 20 semi-automatic rifles
  • 40 clips of rifle ammo
  • 30 smoke grenades 
  • 30 tangler grenades 
  • 10 dose of solvaway 
  • 10 needler rifles  
  • 40 clips of needler ammo 
Kleevor's Gift
  • 1 heavy machine
  • 10 ammo belts
  • two rocket launchers
Village Defenders
There are 20 adult male defenders who can be broken up into squads by the PCs.

The Pirates

Name NPC #1 Commanding Air Lorry #1 (see Air Transport Zebs Guide)

Name NPC #2 Commanding Air Lorry #2 (see Air Transport Zebs Guide)

Name NPC #3 Commanding Air Lorry #3 (see Air Transport Zebs Guide)

30 Mooks (stats)

The Pirates Arrive
Air Lorry number 1 will land on the landing pad. Air lorry #2 will land in the coral. Air lorry #3 will land just outside the main gate. In the past on one air lorry came and landed on the landing pad the farmers anticipate that this will be be repeated.

Aftermath & EXP Points
A Star Law marshal will show up in the aftermath and attempt to identify the pirates. He tells the PCs that shortly after their battle a ship with a faked registry pulled out of orbit and left the system. He's put an alert out for Space Fleet to be on the look out for a ship matching its profile.

The air lorrys' were rented and their owner reclaims them within 20 hours. The PC's get to strip the pirate bodies but must share with the farmers who dont have much anyway.

The farmers will throw a big celebratory party for the player characters if they have performed admirably. The PCs will have the Manns settlement as a contact and can always pick up agricultural cargo with a 10% savings on price. The settlement will also be looking for replacement ammo for the machine gun and rocket launchers as well as a radiocom to put it in communicaiton with Dawn's Landing so these might be items the PCs could pick up to trade with them.

Award 3-5 EXP for this section.