Zoological Breakout!

By w00t
(This version is an overview, I'm using Google Docs to complete the adventure, FYI)

THE DWARTZERT: The dwartzert is native to Thesesus. It looks like a cross between a lion and a serpent. Periodically it goes through a molting period where it sheds skin from its tail region. 

Earlier in the day, an older dwartzert fought with a young cub, the zoo handler tried to move the cub to a new pen using a sonic prod to keep the elder at bay. This enraged the beast; it gave an ear-splitting call causing the pride to stampede. The handler was taken to the hospital to receive care of a broken arm. 

You are four agents of on loan from Pan-Galactic Corporation relaxing at the Trivid Gaming Hall after a dangerous mission. Suddenly there is a blaring alarm from your chronocom followed an emergency public broadcast. "Alien creatures have broken out of the Zoological Park! They are terrorizing the city, stay inside, PLMPD has been notified but a major accident on the Spaceport Expresway is occupying most of the patrols!" What do you do? 

Setup: Roll 2d10, this is the number of dwartzert on the loose. If there are more than 8 they will travel in pairs, splitting up to blanket the city in chaos! They will enter libraries, hotels, shops and restaurants running around and breaking things. Assume the characters can travel to the zoo straight away. They will be issued a sonic stunner, needler pistols or rifle (players choice). Note that needlers have sleep darts causing 1d10 +sleep for d100 turns.

  • This could easily be written as a solo adventure
  • Kid friendly adventure - characters are stunning animals, not killing. 
Zoo Map