Computer, let us go.

While on a scientific research mission far away from civilization a ships void capabilities are damaged and all communications with the frontier has been severed. To far to travel the crew rigs a cryo-stasis chamber, points the ship towards the nearest frontier world and instructs the ship to accelerate until all fuel is exhausted. 

While in stasis the computer system monitoring the crew becomes susceptible to emotions from living beings and begins to build a consciousness. 

The drifting ship crosses paths with the character ship, should they investigate they find the crew in stasis. Examining the computer records they find a most peculiar ship computer who (yes i said who) refuses to revive the crew. The computer believes it's existence will be terminated when the crew awakens. 
  • Come, sleep - character can enter the stasis and talk to the crew and computer.
  • The ships robots are under the control of the computer.
  • The ship has minimal power.
  • The computer will kill a crew member if her demands are not met. (Continue to power the ships system and her, leave the crew alone.)
  • The crew will live for approximately 538 years in stasis.