Rumors of Volturnus: Mission Briefing

Director Juranac: passes out a still image of an octopoid creature riding a lizard type mount facing off with a human male. “We’re sending you to Laco’s World at Dixon’s Star. There are reports of an unidentified sapient alien spotted in the Devil's Basin region. Some sort of tool using octopoid-type creature riding a lizard-like therapod mount. The man in the picture is Raoul Debonham formerly in the employ of the Pan Galactic Artifact Research and Development Team. It seems, that the benevolent PGC attempted to forcefully capture the octopoid and Raoul interfered.” 

“Our information comes from a confidential informant through a corporate contact” (reading between the line the PCs should realize that the director is hinting at a corporate contact at CDC where she use to work and that the confidential informant is likely a CDC corporate espionage agent within PGC. “Our last information on Raoul is that he is at Point Glass on Laco. As you know we are not on good terms with PGC’s artifact team and PGC is currently attempting to assert a claim to the pyramid ruins on Laco so while we dont recognize their claim to Tetrarch ruins you are not there to unnecessarily antagonize the PGC folks, understood?” 

Dr. Tollon, an aged dralasite with a raspy voice says, “If this truly is a sapient alien tool user it would be a major achievement for the institute to be the academic institution to document this new species. The information passed to the institutes suggests that it is not from Laco so any information where it is from is of major importance. The institute will want to mount an expedition to study its civilization and document it. It is also claimed that this octopoid creature is a telepath and that is a major discovery if it is true.” 

“As for the planet Laco, it's arid, dusty, and hot; don't forget your water and vitasalt pills. There are some dangerous critters but the sand storms and dust devils can be just as dangerous.” 

Vi-k'tr the vrusk accountant, “I’ve chartered a vessel with Hepplewhite charters, the Hana, for three weeks but you can extend that if you have a lead on its planet of origin. You’ll have a rental voucher for a vehicle on Laco and a line of credit for mission expenses. Due to the importance of this mission, I will authorize 5000 credits. I will expect a full post-mission accounting with receipts, naturally.” 

Director Juranac sums up the mission: 
1. Locate and catalog the sapient alien and its mount 
2. Discover its planet of origin, if possible 
3. Confirm or disprove the rumor of telepathic ability 
4. Avoid antagonizing PGC, if possible. 

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