History of Outpost named ?

___?___ began life as a mercenary base during Laco's War. It was built by PGC and abandoned after the war. It's one redeeming feature is the presence of a ceramacrete landing field rated for hull size 4 or smaller space craft. 

Despite the site's abandonment it was never fully forgotten. A colonel who fought for PGC in the war bought the rights to the location seeing the potential for the site. Planning to operate it as a backwater star port and bare bones resort. The plan was to cater to tourist, scientist and former mercenaries. The reality is it attracts smugglers, possibly pirates, some scientist but very few tourist. 

The colonel died and his widow sold off the hotel and bar and leases the landing field. Other businesses have sprung up and while the population has not increased much the outpost does seem to be permanent.

It represents the last bastion of civilization in the Laco wilderness and provides easy access to the Tetrarch Pyramids, the famed Fire Fountains and some historic battlefield sites.