Alpha Section: Introduction

This module is a starting adventure for beginning characters starting on Pale after the First Sathar War and during the reconstruction. Its a possible prequel adventure for the Volturnus series.

STOP! If you are going to be a player in this adventure, do not read any further. The rest of the material is for the game referee only.

Alpha Subsection 1: Module Briefing
This module is designed for 3-7 characters. The module will presuppose that the classic Alpha Dawn rules are being used though this is not to restrict the referee from using other rule sets or fan revisions. It's simply that the Alpha Dawn rules are well known and represent a base line to convert from.

In the course of the module the player characters will encounter, fight and hopefully overcome a variety of sathar creatures. In the process the players will learn about this menace to Frontier civilization. Through their experiences they will learn a base line knowledge of how to defeat the various sathar threats which might stand them in good stead for future adventures in the Frontier.

Generate player characters by the method outlined in the Alpha Dawn book. Provided in the module is Appendix A "Suggested Backgrounds." This is optional but is designed to help root the characters in the setting an provides a small advantage based on the character's background. These backgrounds are merely examples of what is possible and the referee has the option to allow alternate backgrounds.

Player characters begin with standard clothes, an ID card, a chronocom, 250cr + d100cr, and one free tool kit or a skein suit for characters with military PSA. They have not had a chance to spend their money yet. Characters from Pale automatically start with a civilian grade parka and snow pants and are well aware of the dangers of the cold.

Both the referee and the players should be familiar with the hazards of extreme cold, see Appendix D "Hostile Weather". Be sure to remind the players that a good parka and snow pants will be a must for survival in this module.

Alpha Subsection 2: Player's Briefing
Read the following to the players.

The war with the sathar has been over for a while now. During the reconstruction of Pale jobs were plentiful and easy to come by. However, the tide has turned and unemployment has been on the rise. The bread lines are filling up with veterans and construction workers. You could go on the dole as well but what you really crave is some excitement and adventure.

Was it while riding the monorail or using a public rest room where you saw the ad? You're not sure but somehow you found your way to this interview. Sitting across the table is a grizzled old bounty hunter, Carlos Kildare and something tells you that this guy is what they call a "character." Yet that doen't matter because he has work for you and a few others. He needs a crew to man his tracked Snow Panther. The quarry is quick deaths, the sathar attack creature let loose on Pale during the war and the bounty is 1000cr per head.

You know that the ranks of the bounty hunters have thinned over the past few years due to the thinning of the quick death population. Yet Kildare has a plan to strike deeper into the out back than most bounty hunters travel, seeking fresh hunting grounds. This may allow you to see one of the frozen battle fields from the war with derelict hulks of tanks abandoned where they were destroyed.

Kildare is wearing clothing that looks as like remnants of a militia uniform which probably means he fought in the war. He seems to know what he's talking about concerning killing quick deaths and has stories about the sathar.

You've heard in the past that this sort of work pays very poor daily wages. What really catches your attention is Kildare's offer to share the bounty instead of pay a wage. He'll take a double share and everyone who signs on gets a single share. The offer must mean that Kildare is currently short of cash or that he's trying to avoid paying a wage during the long trip to the hunting grounds. None of that matters though as you already know what you're going to do. You may have been too young to fight in the war but here's a chance to sort of participate in that just once removed and the pay could be good. Real good.

The interview concludes with a toast and the yazirian bourbon goes down like lava and lights a fire in your belly. Yeah, you're going to do this.