UPFMS Samaritan

Rescue Scout
 15 5 4 50 LB
Additional Notes: 3 Atmoprobe

The Samaritan is not a purpose built rescue scout but a loaner from Space Fleet. Its assault rockets were off loaded and quick internal changes were made to install a sick bay.

Sick bay qualifies as a hospital for purposes of performing medical skills.

Ship stores
Eva equipment: 10 pair magnetic shoes, 20 life support packs (for space suits), 10 extra suit patches, 4 rocket packs, 16 canisters of rocket pack fuel

Engineering Tools: 2 engineer's toolboxes, spare technician's tool kit, 2 laser power torches, laser torch power packs

Hasardous Environment equipment: 16 gas masks, 10 toxy-rad gauges, 10 hazardous environment skeinsuits (HES suite) with matching bubble mask (see below), 20 spare minipower clips (for HES suite)

Survival Gear: 16 emergency beepers, 2 emergency receivers, 1 food purifier, 1 grappling gun, 2 extra grappling heads, 100m microline x3, crete sprayer and 3 tanks of crete, 3 infla-tents & 6 air canisters, 20 plasti-ponchos, 40 emergency ration meals in foil packs, 20 all-weather blankets, 16 water packs

Power Sources: 40 20SEU clips, 1 power backpack, 4 power belts, 1 type A parabattery

Medical Suplies: 4 med kits, 4 extra freeze fields, 16 aller-tabs, 16 Fungi-tabs, 16 Neutrad, 16 salgel, 16 sporekill, 4 stretcher bots (see below)

Weapons: 10 dose grenades, 5 smoke grenades, 5 tangler grenades & 5 solvaway, 5 sonic stunners, 1 auto-rifles and 3 clips, 1 laser rifle, 10 stun sticks

Miscellaneous Equipment: 4 compasses, 10 flashlights, 16 lifejackets, 6 machetes, 1 magnigoggles, 6 parawings, 4 polyvoxes, 2 radiophones

Note: All crew have the following issued equipment: Presure suit, Hazardous Enviro Skeinsuite w/ attached bubble mask (gray), 1 tool kit for an appropriate skill, chronocom, ID card, white uniforms (no special properties). Engineer and his assistent have space suit armor for eva work in wreckage of damaged ships.

Hazardous Enviro Skeinsuite (HES suite): a presurized skein suit with a bubble mask (in no way a suitable replacement for presure suite in a vacuum enviroment) it has a programable life support unit that will filter toxins or concentrate oxygen in toxic or thin atmospheres. It operates of a mini power clip using 1 SEU per hour thus it has a 10 hour endurance on one mini power clip. 2 kg. 600 Cr.

Stretcher-bot: A level 2 standard body robot equipped with hover mode of movement. The stretcher bot is reconfigurable for a vrusk casualties and is equipped with restraints (to hold a casualty), a removable freeze field, an emergency beeper, a toxy rad gauge, and an emergency inflating "tent" that will filter toxins or concentrate oxygen in much the same way as a HES suite but powered off the type A parabattery running the robot.

Assist MSO medical officers and other MSO personnel
in recovering casualties and bringing them safely
to an assigned sick bay.

 FUNCTION 1Defines all MSO personnel as able to give orders to the
stretcher bot.
Defines medical officers as having level 3 med skill
(reflected in their ID card). These personnel can
counter-mand any order given to the bot by other
recognized MSO subordinates but not of orders given
by an officer with higher med skill.
Defines the assigned sick bay (usually the hospital
facilities it should bring casualties too- in this case
the sickbay of the Samaritan).
Defines safely as avoiding danger to the casualty first
and the robot seconde

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