Weapon Name Electrostunner
Skill Used
Beam Weapons
4d10 or Stun
Ammunition 20 SEU PowerClip, each shot drains 2 SEU. Can be attached to a Power BeltPack or Power BackPack.
Rate of Fire 1 shot per turn
Defense Gauss / Anti-Shock Implant
Range 5/15/-/-/-

Cost 500 Cr
An electrostunner looks like a large pistol. It is a short-range weapon. It fires an arc of electrons that looks like a lightning flash. It is commonly called a zapgun because of the noise it makes when fired.

An electrostunner has two settings, stun and blast. A blast causes 4d10 points of damage. A stun can knock a creature unconscious for d100 turns. Anyone hit by a stun beam can resist the stun by rolling a number less than or equal to its current Stamina.

A zapgun uses two SEU per shot. It holds a 20 SEU clip, but can also be connected to a beltpack or powerpack with a 1.5 meter powercord. A gauss screen will block the electrostunner's beam. An anti-shock implant will nullify a stun but not a blast.