Power generators are double the size of parabatteries. Generators produces a certain number of SEU each hour of operation. Generators require an outside force to produce SEU such as solar, nuclear, hydrodynamic, thermal, etc., and there is a maintenance cost to run the generator 

Type 1  
Cost: 10,000 Cr
SEU/Hour: 500
Maintenance: 100 Cr/day 

Type 2  
Cost: 20,000 Cr
SEU/Hour: 1,000
Maintenance: 200 Cr/day 

Type 3  
Cost: 40,000 Cr
SEU/Hour: 2,000
Maintenance: 400 Cr/day 

Type 4 
Cost: 80,000 Cr
SEU/Hour: 4,000
Maintenance: 800 Cr/day